Categories in ILMK

Categories in ILMK

I realized after a recent post that, while I use categories in this blog to identify the nature of posts, I haven’t ever explained that to the readers.

That can cause some confusion. In that post, I was offering my opinion about something, and a reader reasonably took it as me offering something I could prove.

That happens to me in real life, too. 🙂

People tend to believe me…that’s valuable for me as a trainer, and I’m sure I’ve gotten positive reinforcement for ways of communicating that suggest that I am a credible source of information.

Even when I’ve told people in person that, “I really don’t know, I’m just guessing,” they may report it as fact and tell people it was true because I said it. 🙂

On the blog, I tend to think people see the category and that it helps them interpret what I am saying. That’s probably foolish, on my part…the categories appear after the post, not before, so it’s really going to be more whatever their expectations are when they start reading it.

Still, I thought it would be useful to share the categories I am currently using, and tell you a bit about them. The number in parentheses is the number of posts

Oh, and the same post might have multiple categories! That’s why some categories appear to have so many posts (like the Amazon Echo). If I write a short piece about something in one of the Roundups, that would show up as one of the posts below…even if it was only a couple of sentences.

  • A Day in the LIfe of a Kindleer(4): I do these posts about once a year, just to share how I personally am using Kindles and other Amazon devices. I’ll basically go through a typical day. I think that tends to help people discover options for them
  • A Kindle Abandoned (4): this is my four-part Sherlock Holmes parody. Honestly, I think it came out quite well
  • A Kindle Carol (3): more fiction…a parody of A Christmas Carol. I’d say it has some of my best just straight up writing. I tend to repost it during the holidays, which also gives me the ability to focus more on my family at that time
  • Accessibility (5): primarily, this has to do with text-to-speech, although I’ve addressed other accessibility issues
  • Accessories (4): covers, stands, that sort of thing
  • Advice (15): this may be tongue in cheek at times, but it’s advice I give
  • Advice to Amazon (14): I understand that at least some Amazon employees read this blog, and I do get sent press releases. Hopefully, I have or will make the Kindle experience better for everyone at some point
  • Agency Model (18): the Agency Model is a pricing strategy wherein the publisher sets the price and Amazon just acts as “the agent”. We may not have seen my last post on this…
  • Amazon Aisles (4): I also have a section of links for these on the blogsite. When you are walking through a physical bookstore (I used to manage one), you go down aisles for different subjects or different categories. These posts have to do with sections of the Amazon website
  • Amazon Echo (13): Amazon’s ambient computing device. I’m supposed to get mine at the end of May…or in July
  • Amazon Financials (9): Quarterly and Annual reports
  • Amazon forums (2): I mentioned Amazon threads in their forums quite a bit…I sometimes actually write about the forum itself, rather than individual thread
  • Amazon Publishing (11): Amazon does a lot of traditional publishing now…this will largely be about that
  • Amazon services (1): hm…the only one in here so far is about Prime Now
  • Amazon statements (1): I’m not sure this one needs its own category, but the intent was to link to actual statements from Amazon
  • Analysis (200): as you can see, one of the most common categories. When I label something as “analysis”, it means I’ve done actual work on it myself, typically crunching numbers. The Snapshots are a sub-category of this. When I’ve done the math, I’m prepared to be challenged on it 🙂
  • Annual Snapshots (4): once a year summary of the Kindle store
  • Apple (16): the company
  • Apps (40): these apps may have something to do with books, but there may be some other reason I cover oner
  • Audiobooks (11)
  • Author profiles (3)
  • Authors (31)
  • Awards (1): I like awards (I do a big Oscar thing every year)…the only one in there right now has to with the Goodreads (owned by Amazon) Awards
  • Bestseller analysis (13)
  • blogs) (3): need to fix the way this one is displayed! It’s not about my blogs, but about blogs in general (other Kindle blogs, for example)
  • Booklovers (2): individuals who love books
  • Books on my Kindles (5): I go through from time to time and list the books I have on my Kindles at that time
  • Brick-and-mortar bookstores(32): I used to manage one, so I keep track. I think my readers are interested in this
  • Bufo’s books (10): the ones I’ve written
  • Bufo’s Life (33): this blog is, unavoidably, to some extent about me 🙂
  • Canada (1)
  • Children (17)
  • Cloud Collections (3)
  • Cloud Reader (1)
  • Collections on Amazon (1)
  • Comics (8): as in comic books, viewable on some devices
  • Comparisons (15): this is going to be a comparison between two or more items, such as between different types of Kindles, or a Kindle and other EBRs (E-Book Readers)
  • Copyright (26): this affects what you read to a great extent, and I have a particular interest in it (as a layperson…I’m not a lawyer)
  • Customer Service (2)
  • Digitizing books (5): ways to take paper books and convert them to e-books
  • Discovery (10): how you can find books to read…I think will become increasing important
  • Doctor Watson’s Blog (4): again, the Sherlock Holmes parody. Why have both categories? The other one is a sub-category of this one…I wanted to leave open writing another Doctor Watson’s Blog…I rather enjoyed it
  • Eddiecoms (7): part of the humor category: fake comments that I get that are apparently really ads, and can be quite surreal
  • Excerpts (22): excerpts from public domain books. I’ve heard from my readers that they aren’t big fans of this for the most part, so I don’t do it very often
  • Fiction (47): fiction I’ve written, not that I’ve read 🙂
  • Fire Phone (10)
  • Fire TV (12)
  • Fire TV stick (6)
  • Flash posts (502): I used to label breaking news posts with “Flash!” in the beginning. Some people got confused with Adobe Flash, and I think I was just hearkening back to an earlier era (like Walter Winchell: “Flash! To Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at see…let’s go to press!” Not sure that’s an actual quotation, by the way…
  • Flipboard magazines (9)
  • Focus on Free (11)
  • Freebie Flashes (204): I used to pretty often send out listings of free books, but there were so many of them, and Amazon changed the rules of promoting free books, that I have pretty much stopped
  • Freedom/censorship (4)
  • Frequently Asked Kindle Questions (8): these are usually extensive question and answer type posts on a particular topic. I haven’t done in a while, but I do think they are valuable
  • Fun (1)
  • Future features (1)
  • Games (57)
  • General (29)
  • Gifts (5): this has to do with giving gifts, the mechanism of that. It used to pretty complicated
  • Give a Kid a Kindle (5): I gave away a Kindle. My sense is that didn’t appeal to my readers all that much. Might do it again at some point
  • Giveaways (39): could be from me, but these are also commonly from other places, and I just like to give you the heads
  • Globalization (14)
  • Goodreads (6): one of Amazon’s social reading sites
  • Google (1)
  • Google settlement (12): this settlement had to with Google scanning books in public libraries, basically…more to it than that
  • Guest Posts (1): not something I’ll do commonly at all, but it could happen again
  • Hachazon War (14): the dispute between the publisher Hachette and Amazon, recently resolved
  • History (1): I’ve done one of these, about when Amazon started doing Special Offers on Kindles
  • Holiday Gift Guides (1)
  • Holidays (27)
  • Humor (82)
  • ILMK (6): this blog…that’s where this one is going
  • Indie (independent) publishing (2)
  • Interviews (3): I enjoy doing these!
  • Jeff Bezos (4)
  • KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) (8)
  • Kindle 3 (9)
  • Kindle 4 (Mindle) (5)
  • Kindle 7 (Mindle Touch) (5)
  • Kindle Community (1)
  • Kindle Convert (2)
  • Kindle DX (3)
  • Kindle Fire (81)
  • Kindle for Android (3)
  • Kindle for iPad (2)
  • Kindle for iPhones and iPod touch (2)
  • Kindle for PC (6)
  • Kindle Key Concepts (1)
  • Kindle Matchbook (3)
  • Kindle Paperwhite (21)
  • Kindle Reader Apps (2)
  • Kindle Scout (1)
  • Kindle Scout (4)
  • Kindle Touch (7)
  • Kindle Unlimited (22)
  • Kindle Voyage (3)
  • Kindle with Special Offers (2)
  • Kindle Worlds (9)
  • Knowledge Check (1): I probably should have just put this under games…
  • Kobo (3)
  • Legal Actions (26)
  • Limited Time Offers (6)
  • Manage Your Kindle (6)
  • Menu Maps (6): when I do a menu map, I go through the options in a device’s menus. I find this to be very instructive for me, and I think useful for my readers. I also like to refer back to them sometimes after an update
  • New models (12)
  • New Owners (7)
  • News (1,101)
  • newspapers (2)
  • nook (60)
  • Observations (4): generally, this should be making an observation about something…not necessarily commenting on it much, although I’m sure I tend to do that
  • Odyssey Editions (4): a publishing imprint
  • One liners (1): people did not like the title of this, although I thought the content was good
  • Opinion (190): that’s my opinion, of course. 🙂 These may be more stream of consciousness, less fact based. Let me rephrase that: more subjective than objective
  • Parodies (13)
  • Personal Documents (1)
  • Pictures (1)
  • Poll Parties (2): this is a subcategory under Polls (see immediately below)
  • Polls (66): I like polling my readers…it isn’t scientific, and I don’t think my readers are typical, but I find it interesting. I think people like doing them
  • Popular Pre-orders (17): I stopped making them particularly popular ones, but I’ve kept that category
  • Prime (13): Amazon Prime
  • Public libraries (20)
  • Publisher Profiles (4)
  • Publishing (1)
  • Purchasing decisions (1)
  • Random public domain freebies (1): there shouldn’t be two categories here…again, I should clean that up
  • Random Public Domain Freebies (3)
  • Random Tips (3)
  • Read the Book First (3): books being made into movies/TV shows
  • Reader Apps (3)
  • Reader Heroes (4): one of my favorite things! We honor someone who honors reading
  • Recent Kindle Releases (17)
  • Recommendations (91)
  • Reposts (6)
  • Reviews (61)
  • Round-ups (287)
  • Sales (234): items on sale
  • Sales Tax (19): the issue of sales tax being collected
  • Smile.Amazon (5): it became known as AmazonSmile, but when it first came out, I named the category after the way the website address works…and I’ve left it that way
  • Snapshots (70): one of the most labor intensive types of posts I do. My Significant Other knows that on the first of the month, I’ve got some writing to do as I do analyses of the Kindle store
  • Social Media (6)
  • Sony (1)
  • Special Offers (7)
  • Splinterviews (2): interviews with myself. 🙂 ILMK is not the first place I’ve used the term “splinterview” for that
  • Subscription Items (magazines (3)
  • Subscription services (7)
  • Ten Most Wanted (1): these are the books people most wanted to see “Kindleized”, based on the watch lists at eReaderIQ
  • Text to speech (12): people sometimes think I write too much about this issue, I know…but it’s an important one to me personally and to some of my readers
  • Textbooks/schools (2)
  • The Year Ahead (4): predictions
  • The Year in E-Books (6)
  • Third party (1): the first two parties are Amazon and its customers…I probably could use this category more, but it’s when someone who isn’t Amazon makes something for use with Kindles and Fires
  • Thoughtabouts (46): I’m typically musing here, and haven’t made up my mind (although I try not to lock myself into an opinion at any time…at least, in real world matters)
  • Tips (177)
  • Traditional Publishers (29)
  • Trivia (3)
  • Uncategorized (31): there really shouldn’t be any of these, but what sometimes happens is the post gets saved before I’ve assigned a category…and it automatically puts the Uncategorized category on it. If I don’t notice that and add another category, it doesn’t take this one away
  • Updates (49): I started putting all of the Version categories below into this
  • Version 2.5 (8)
  • Version 3.1 (1)
  • Watching the Watchers (12): I write about journalists writing about topics of interest to this blog
  • Whispercast (1)
  • Worth a Thousand Words (1): I don’t do a lot of pictures in this blog, unless they are to illustrate something I’m writing. This one was an exception, and I could do more

Hope that helps explain things about this blog a bit more!

Feel free, though, to ask me questions about posts…it could absolutely be that I haven’t written something clearly enough, and my intent hasn’t gotten across.

Bonus deal: through March 11 (Wednesday), 175 Kindle Books for $1.99 Each (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*). There are actually some good books here, and many of them (162 out of 175!) are in Kindle Unlimited

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* I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile. When you shop at AmazonSmile, half a percent of your purchase price on eligible items goes to a non-profit you choose. It will feel just like shopping at Amazon: you’ll be using your same account. The one thing for you that is different is that you pick a non-profit the first time you go (which you can change whenever you want)…and the good feeling you’ll get. :) Shop ’til you help! :) By the way, it’s been interesting lately to see Amazon remind me to “start at AmazonSmile” if I check a link on the original Amazon site. I do buy from AmazonSmile, but I have a lot of stored links I use to check for things.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. To support this or other blogs/organizations, buy  Amazon Gift Cards from a link on the site, then use those to buy your items. There will be no cost to you, and a benefit to them.

2 Responses to “Categories in ILMK”

  1. Carolyn perreau Says:

    Echo got a good review from Kim kommando today heard it on the radio

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Carolyn!

      Do you happen to have a link?

      I did a quick search “Amazon Echo Kim Komando” and found some results, but nothing that looked like a recent actual review. I saw some things from last year “Cool or Creepy…”, but they didn’t seem like they would be the review you mention.

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