Monthly Kindle Deals for $3.99 or less each: May 2015

Monthly Kindle Deals for $3.99 or less each: May 2015

Amazon does the Kindle Daily Deal (at AmazonSmile…benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*), which discounts (usually) four books a day (often general fiction, a romance, a science fiction/fantasy book, and a kids’ book).

They’ve also been doing Monthly Kindle Book Deals for $3.99 or less each) (at AmazonSmile). That’s a rebranding: they used to say it was “100 Books”, but that’s also gotten to be more…there are 139 for this month at the time of writing (fourteen more than last month…it has been trending upwards, and that’s an even bigger jump than last month).

Those prices only apply to the USA, and one weird thing is that some of the books seem to sell out at that price sometimes (or become unavailable for some other reason).

It’s also interesting…about 49% of the books in the USA Kindle store are $3.99 or less (1,710,244 of 3,459,629). Still, these are on sale, and that’s worth something. :)

Another thing is that many of these books may be part of

Kindle Unlimited (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

Amazon lists that information prominently. If they are, then you need to consider whether it is worth buying them…even at these low prices. While they are in KU, you can, if you are a subscriber (and there’s a free month available right now), read them at no additional cost. There are, of course, advantages to owning books, especially if you want to re-read them. A book could move out of KU at any time. Even if you think you want to own it, if you are a KU member, you could always read it first to make sure. 😉 I will mark them with KU.

Oh, interesting! I see they are now also clearly marking when a book is available through the KOLL (Kindle Owners’ Lending Library)! That’s nice…there was a period of time when it was quite hard to tell. Eligible Prime members can borrow one per calendar month. If you are both a Prime member and a Kindle Unlimited subscriber (like me), I think you are more likely to get them through KU (where you can have up to ten at a time out, with no limit per month), but I’m sure I have many readers who are Prime members and don’t subscribe to KU. I’ll mark those with KOLL.

I’m going to list some of the $3.99 or lower ones that caught my eye…I’m not necessarily recommending them, but I do think they are interesting.

The ones I link (if I actually link to specific books) also don’t block text-to-speech access**…but I think blocking it is becoming rarer.

At Bertram’s Hotel (Miss Marple Mysteries Book 11) by Agatha Christie
4.1 stars out of 5 | 105 customer reviews
$1.99 at time of writing

Agatha Christie is one of the most popular authors of all time. Miss Marple is one of the most beloved characters in mysteries. At Bertram’s Hotel is…well, perhaps not the most revered of the Miss Marple novels. 😉 Still, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad book by any means…an arguably sub-standard Miss Marple is still likely to be better than many other books you might read.

Pines (The Wayward Pines Trilogy, Book 1) by Blake Crouch
4.1 stars | 4,137 customer reviews
Kindle Unlimited (KU)

With the TV series debuting in a couple of weeks on Fox (the cast includes Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Toby Jones, Juliette Lewis, Melissa Leo, and Terrence Howard), you might want to read at least this first book in the series first.

Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a Misdiagnosed Boy Trapped Inside His Own Body by Martin Pistorius
4.7 stars | 1,153 reviews

It’s a memoir…and faith-based, according to the categories.

The first four books in the Bone Secrets series by Kendra Elliott
Book 1 is 4.3 stars | 1,433 reviews
$1.99 each
Kindle Unlimited (KU) (all four of them)
KOLL (all four of them)

The first two books in the Paper Magician series by Charlie N. Holmberg
Book 1 is 4.0 star | 2,378 reviews
$1.99 each
KU (both)
KOLL (both)

You might have gotten the first one of these as a Kindle First freebie (see below)…

Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference by David J. Garrow
4.5 stars | 25 reviews

The White Queen: A Novel (Cousins War Series Book 1) by Philippa Gregory
4.1 stars | 1,027 reviews

Basis for the TV series…

The Swimmer by Joakim Zander
3.8 stars | 120 reviews

A thriller…

The Success Principles(TM) – 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer
4.8 stars | 113 reviews

The Belial Stone series by R.D. Brady

The first one is in KU and KOLL, or you can buy it for $0.99. It’s 4.3 stars | 1,095 reviews. Each of the other books would be $0.99, and are not KOLL or KU.

The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel (A Game of Thrones)
by George R. R. Martin and Ben Avery
4.1 stars | 303 reviews

This one might be a particularly good gift for a fan of the TV series, or the books. They might have read the books, but not have this graphic novel. Remember that you can buy it now, and then delay delivery for the appropriate gift giving occasion.

On to just listing some more:

  • Marked (Servants of Fate Book 1) by Sarah Fine
  • The Girl Who Came Home: A Novel of the Titanic (P.S.) by Hazel Gaynor
  • The Wives of Los Alamos by TaraShea Nesbit
  • The Sworn Sword: The Graphic Novel (A Game of Thrones) by George R. R. Martin and Ben Avery
  • Mistress of Magic by Heather Graham
  • Woman’s Own by Robyn Carr
  • Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain by Richard Roberts
  • The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda Book 1) (and other books in the series) by Richard Phillips
  • Eternity (The Montgomery/Taggert Family Book 9) by Jude Deveraux
  • Merriam-Webster’s Vocabulary Builder by Merriam-Webster
  • My Mother Was Nuts by Penny Marshall
  • Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music by Blair Tindall
  • Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-1941 by William L. Shirer
  • Hotel by Arthur Hailey
  • Murderous Minds: Exploring the Psychopathic Brain: Neurological Imaging and the Manifestation of Evil by Dean Haycock
  • 100 Simple Secrets Why Dogs Make Us Happy by David Niven PhD
  • The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters: The Timelessness of Simple Truths by Alexandra Stoddard

If there were others you’d like to mention for me and my readers, please comment on this post.

Prime members, don’t forget to pick up your

Kindle First books (at AmazonSmile*)

You can get one (after three straight months of being able to get two…it was fun while it lasted)) of the four books to own (not borrow) for free…these are books which will be actually released next month. The choices this month are:

  •  (R)evolution (Phoenix Horizon Book 1) by PJ Manney (science fiction thriller)
  • Queen of the Trailer Park (Rosie Maldonne’s World Book 1)
    by Alice Quinn, Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies (mystery)
  • Crow Hollow by Michael Wallace (historical fiction)
  • Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall (contemporary fiction)

Well, I’m going for the easy choice (for me) this time, and going with (R)evolution. Crow Hollow and Sugar were also well reviewed, although obviously, it’s a bit soon to have very main reviews. It also explicitly states that they will all be in KU once they are officially released on June 1st…


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* I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile. When you shop at AmazonSmile, half a percent of your purchase price on eligible items goes to a non-profit you choose. It will feel just like shopping at Amazon: you’ll be using your same account. The one thing for you that is different is that you pick a non-profit the first time you go (which you can change whenever you want)…and the good feeling you’ll get. :) Shop ’til you help! :) By the way, it’s been interesting lately to see Amazon remind me to “start at AmazonSmile” if I check a link on the original Amazon site. I do buy from AmazonSmile, but I have a lot of stored links I use to check for things.

** A Kindle with text-to-speech can read any text downloaded to it…unless that access is blocked by the publisher inserting code into the file to prevent it. That’s why you can have the device read personal documents to you (I’ve done that). I believe that this sort of access blocking disproportionately disadvantages the disabled, although I also believe it is legal (provided that there is at least one accessible version of each e-book available, however, that one can require a certification of disability). For that reason, I don’t deliberately link to books which block TTS access here (although it may happen accidentally, particularly if the access is blocked after I’ve linked it). I do believe this is a personal decision, and there  are legitimate arguments for purchasing those books. 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. To support this or other blogs/organizations, buy  Amazon Gift Cards from a link on the site, then use those to buy your items. There will be no cost to you, and a benefit to them.


8 Responses to “Monthly Kindle Deals for $3.99 or less each: May 2015”

  1. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I still haven’t picked a Kindle First. None of them appeal to me this month. I’ll probably end up with Crow Hollow since I do enjoy a good historical novel. Unfortunately, the time period covered in that book is not one of my favorites to read about.

    I’ve noticed that previous Kindle Firsts are being offered as monthly deals, or as in the case of today, the Kindle Daily Deal.

    I’m also curious about a trio of phantom books that keep appearing in the Kindle Daily View when viewed from the link on the Kindle Store Page using a Kindle Keyboard or the DX. The three books are industrial in nature. Innovations in Competitive Manufacturing,” “Potash-Deposits, processing and properties and uses,” and “Frontiers of Evolutionary Computation.” Hardly page turners, but hardly KDD material. I have no interest in obtaining any of these books, but I am a curious person, so I clicked to see what information was available. All three books are listed as “currently unavailable.” Their sales ranks are in the 2,935,350 neighborhood. Where do they come from? Why do they keep reappearing? They aren’t on the daily KDD e-mail. They don’t show up when I visit the Kindle store from my Voyage. Does anybody else see them on other versions of Kindle?

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!

      I’ll take a look for the books, but you got me curious on the Kindle First.

      This is the order of popularity right now (most popular first):

      Crow Hollow
      Queen of the Trailer Park

      • Lady Galaxy Says:

        One Lavender Ribbon is the KDD that was previously a Kindle First. It’s one that I picked up when it was free, but I haven’t read it yet. In fact, I think the only Kindle First book I’ve read of all those I’ve picked out was “The Paper Magician,” and I was so disappointed in that one. It started out strong but got muddled in the middle.

        I don’t know why those ghost books keep popping up at the end of the list of Kindle Daily Deal books, but the same books show up at least once a month, sometimes more often. It must be sloppy programming somewhere along the way. There’s another 3 in one set of Christmas themed books that also shows up every few weeks. I’ve not checked to see if it’s also a phantom book. If it shows up again, I’ll check it out.

        And I’m still having problems with the unresponsive script when I try to go to Kindle book pages online. I’ve tried looking at the script through the debugger, but my programming skills are too outdated and rusty to figure out. It seems to have something to do with an animation window.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Lady!

        I’ll let Amazon know about the books showing up…it would be interesting to see if that gets it fixed. 🙂

        If you can throw me ASINs, that would be great…if not, I’ll see what I can do.

    • Lady Galaxy Says:

      It happens with every single Kindle book page I’ve tried to view in the past few weeks. It totally locks up my Safari browser so that I can’t even do a standard quit. I have to do a forced quit. Using Firefox, and I downloaded the most recent Firefox update last week, it causes the beachball to spin until I get the alert box telling me that a script is unresponsive and gives me the option to view the debugger or stop the script. So far, the Kindle book pages are the only ones that lock up. I can still view the pages for paper books, for MP3 music, and for other products. My computer is 3 years old, so I’m not using the absolute most recent system or browser available, but I’m using the most recent browser versions that will work on my computer. I could upgrade one system, but that would require buying upgrades to most of my applications along with a new scanner because my current one won’t work with the next system upgrade. So, I use my old magnifying glass to try to read the Kindle book pages from my Kindle. I’ve lost any hope of being given the ability to increase font size in the Kindle Store!

      Here are copies of the alert box info on two books I tried to view recently:

      “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.


      “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

      Trail of dead: Script:…B00I5XAR2A/ref=series_rw_dp_sw:1

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Lady!

        May I share that verbatim with Amazon? It might help!

  2. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I’ve already shared it with Amazon.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!

      Okay. I just have perhaps a more direct line, but that should work.

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