What are people asking about in the Amazon Kindle forum?

What are people asking about in the Amazon Kindle forum?

Amazon has free customer forums for a lot of things, including the Kindle.

I check that a lot, and often comment there, usually trying to help people.

I’m officially a “Kindle Forum Pro”. I’ve never liked the “Pro” label, since it suggests we get paid for it. We  don’t. We are all just people who volunteer our time to help others. Amazon picks you, based on your forum contributions, and offers it to you.

There are some negatives associated with it…people sometimes accuse you of being in Amazon’s pocket, for  example.

Generally, though, I love it!

I do think that being a Forum Pro does give me more…attention from Amazon when I ask them questions. I don’t particularly get that from being a blogger, from what I can tell, but they like us to have good information when we help forum members.

Amazon, while having guidelines, is quite open about what people post. Certainly, people can (and do) criticize Amazon…they don’t block that.

First, here’s a link to the forum:

Kindle Forum (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

Second, here are the most recent threads at time of writing, along with the number of posts and the last post in the thread was posted:

Discussion Replies Latest Post

News: Software Update for Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle 0
0 new
5 days ago

Amazon Introduces New Kindle Paperwhite: The Most Popular Kindle, Now Even Better 0 Jun 18, 2015

Welcome to the Kindle Discussion Forum – A Congregation of Kindle Enthusiasts 0
0 new
Mar 20, 2015

book disappeared 6 4 minutes ago

New HDX 7 for 2015? 12 6 minutes ago

Low internal storage space on Kindle Fire 442 9 minutes ago

how do I return an ebook? 3 22 minutes ago

Kindle Paperwhite 3G issue [Amazon apparently knows of this issue] 11 23 minutes ago

Kindle Fire HDX Dropping WiFi 1774 35 minutes ago

KINDLE KITCHEN #5: Home of Family, Friends and Good Food 2162 44 minutes ago

Contacting Amazon for recent letter excluding my TV from Prime 5 52 minutes ago

Kindle Fire can’t access or open apps or the App Store! What’s wrong with it? I’ve turned it off and on numerous times. No help. It’s accessing Facebook ok but security warnings are popping up like crazy. HELP!! 262 53 minutes ago

My kindle won’t turn on 2490 1 hour ago

Australian/Kiwi kindle users thread #4 – “the BBQ” 5295 1 hour ago

If I Deregister my Kindle Fire? 89 1 hour ago

Kindle – Prevent my Kid from Downloading my Cloud Books 2 1 hour ago

Books that you get to keep forever 20 1 hour ago

Kindle Fire Tips: Getting Started 2 5778 1 hour ago

August 2015–Informal Poll–What are you reading? 279 1 hour ago

Al’s Place 35mm 9360 1 hour ago

How to cancel a rented textbook on Kindle? 4 1 hour ago

wont wifi 1 1 hour ago

Freebie Books – Links Only – No Self Promotion IV 3441 1 hour ago

Discounted / Price Dropped Kindle eBooks III 6847 1 hour ago

what do i do if i lose my Fire HD 7 1 1 hour ago

The “Announcements” at the beginning are posted by Amazon, and are generally sometimes “locked”, meaning general forum members can’t post to them. They are “sticky”…they’ll stay at the top.

As you can see, a lot of the threads are questions…which they could sometimes get easily by contacting Kindle Support at


However, I think some people are apprehensive about using a company’s Customer Service…they may not trust it or have had a bad experience with other company’s CS in the past.

That’s unfortunate: Amazon has consistently high-rated Customer Service, and that has generally been my personal experience as well.

I do find the forum a lot of fun!  It’s also often informative.

Feel free to ask me questions on this blog (commenting on a post like this works), but the forum can be a great place to have a discussion.

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