“Leaked” new Kindle?

“Leaked” new Kindle?

In a very unusual move last week, Jeff Bezos tweeted that a new Kindle was coming this week. How rare? It was only the Amazon CEO’s (Chief Executive Officer’s) 32nd tweet since joining Twitter…in 2008 (the year following the end of the year release of the first Kindle). I wrote about it here:

Jeff Bezos tweets: 8th gen Kindle being announced next week

Now, according to this

Business Insider post with pictures by Eugene Kim

the Kindle has been leaked on Amazon’s Chinese-localized website (and then was removed).


Reddit thread

has supposed translations…and says that the Amazon Canadian site also leaked it in a comparison table.

First, do I think this is real?

I think that’s very likely. It’s not unbelievable that something gets released early…that happens sometimes, especially when international datelines and time zones can be involved in a global company.

I figure we’ll know for sure today or tomorrow. When I managed a brick-and-mortar bookstore, Tuesday was the big release day. Hypothetically, the stores would get messed up over the weekend (which you would have to straighten), and you’d get a bunch of deliveries on Monday (since they couldn’t be delivered on Sunday), so you’d be too busy to pay much attention to new releases.

If these images and translations are reasonably accurate…

The biggest change for most people would be the shape of the device…it’s a wedge, thicker on one side than the other. While people are reporting this as revolutionary, it would be of a return to the 1st gen model, which was also a wedge. I do think having a thicker side to sit in the middle of your palm makes it easier to hold.

It reportedly has Voyage-level pixels.

It reportedly has both a touchscreen and buttons.

Interestingly for me as an ambidexter (“both handed”, rather than right or left), it supposedly rotates the image 180 degrees, so you could flip it (it’s supposed to do it automatically, like a tablet) to use the buttons on either side.

It also is supposed to have more frontlights, which would make the screen perhaps more evenly lit.

Looks like both Wi-Fi and 3G, although it’s possible there would be a Wi-Fi only model as well (the “leak” only shows one model…there could be several).

The big talk is about the “rechargeable” cover. It would attach with magnets, and could give you months of battery life.

If the cover is the big draw, and if the “leak” is correct, I’ll be disappointed. Supposedly, there are three colors of cover…but they are all “real” leather.

Like some other people (admittedly, a small minority), I don’t use leather. I wouldn’t buy a leather cover, so that would let me out of that benefit.

Here are some things which are NOT mentioned (although even if this is real, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t happen):

  • No mention of water resistance
  • No mention of audio…so no text-to-speech
  • No mention of processor speed or more/expandable on-board storage
  • No mention of solar-charging (which was rumored)
  • No price (well, the Canadian site reportedly said $999.99, but that would likely be just a placeholder price)

This would be buzzy, but I think price would have lot to do with how much it would sell.

One more thing: I saw a date of April 14th mentioned. That could make it Wednesday in the USA for pre-orders…which could possibly mean an announcement today.

Oh, and the name I’m seeing mentioned is the “Kindle Oasis”…although it’s unclear to me if that’s the name for the device or the cover. It makes sense for the case…it would be a way to get a “drink of battery charge” in possibly a charging desert, such as when camping.

I’m likely to buy one, to have one to write about for you. Again, though, I wouldn’t buy the cover if it is leather.

What if you don’t buy one?

A new hardware model often means new service enhancements. It could be that the enhancements don’t come to older models right away, but often come to at least the most recent models within a few months.

I’ll be interested to see what actually gets announced, and I expect to write about it when it does. 🙂

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3 Responses to ““Leaked” new Kindle?”

  1. John Aga Says:

    If the leak is true then I am underwhelmed. I was hoping for bluetooth audio support for TTS and audible books. If the cover doubles as a high capacity battery it might be almost mandatory. The leaked thinner device suggests to me less battery life. I am also hoping for a more robust font system including option of all bold text for people who have vision challenges.

  2. Phink Says:

    UUuuggggghhhhh! Here just a couple days ago I was promising myself “no matter what it does or what features the new Kindle has I am not buying one. I do not need one. I have plenty.” Well, that didn’t take long to break my promise to myself. I love, love, love, the idea of charging every few months, if this is real. That is huge to me.

  3. kindleFan Says:

    I’m glad you commented on the leak, even though its “risky” to do so. But in this case, I would be incredibly stunned if this was the 8th gen product. Unless the design team wants to go “retro” with an awkward design similar to the first generation kindle, I see this as a weird release. Especially, with no further info on processor, TTS, or display improvements. Amazon has owned Liquavista displays for 3 years. Seems right for an entry into the Kindle line.http://www.liquavista.com/news-and-events/media-and-downloads/

    The rumored version would be a huge let down. Making me feel that Amazon needs real competition in the e-ink reader realm to stay on track.

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