Book highlights at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Book highlights at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

We are now officially into

San Diego Comic-Con International 2016

While it is putatively about comic books, and most of the press coverage will be about movies and TV, the annual “extravaFANza” (so to speak) also has events specific to books.

I’m not going to be there (I’ve never been to an SDCC, although I’ve been to other cons), but I thought I’d list a few of the book-related highlights for people who are…or who are just interested.

I’m going to give you first a more detailed listing for today (since you might not have much time to plan if you are there), then just list some topics.


  • Comic-Con How-To: Plot Structure: The Philosophy Behind Story Creation (Maxwell Alexander Drake) | Thursday 10:00 AM Room 2
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Mycroft (Kareen Abdul-Jabbar) | Thursday 12:00 PM Room 5AB (while this is a graphic novel, I thought I’d mention it because of the Sherlock Holmes connection)
  • New Authors Making a Splash in the Literary Pool (Alwyn Hamilton, Keira Drake, Sylvain Neuvel, Bob Proehl, Todd Lockwood, K.S. Merbeth: moderator Maryelizabeth Yturralde) | Thursday 12:00 P Room 32AB
  • The Smitten Word: Romancing the Reader (Sylvia Day, Nalini Singh, Chloe Neil, Tessa Dare: moderator HelenKay Dimon) | Thursday 12:00 PM Horton Grand Theatre
  • CBLDF: Navigating the Powers & Perils of Banned Books | Thursday 12:00 PM Room 30CDE
  • Hey, You Got Science In My Fiction (Patricia Black, Blake Crouch, Christopher Farnsworth, Patrick Hemstreet, Leah Thomas, Andy Weir ((The Martian)): moderator Brendan Reichs) | Thursday 1:00 PM Room 32AB
  • Nerd Trivia Challenge: Author Edition (Patrick Rothfuss, Pierce Brown, Romina Russell, Cuck Wendig, Sam Sykes, Cecil Castellucci, V.E Schwab, Camila D’Errico, Duane Swierczynski: moderator Brandon T. Snider) | Thursday 1:30 PM Horton Grand Theatre (authors compete in trivia)
  • Making the Leap to Creator Owned Properties: Tales from the IP Jungle (Frank Cho, Terry Dodson, Mark Schultz, Wendy and Richard Pini: moderator: John Fleskes) | Thursday 3:00 PM Room 28DE
  • Retellings & Remixes (Marissa Meyer, Renee Ahdieh, Colleen Houck, Anna Todd, Jodi Meadows, Colleen Oakes: moderator: Sam Maggs) | Thursday 4:00 PM Room 32AB
  • The Enduring Allure of Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Live Reading and Discussion (Kirby Heyborne, Jayne Entwistle, Scott Brick: moderated by Dan Zitt) | Thursday 4:30 PM Horton Grand Theatre
  • Swipe Right with Simon & Schuster (Matt Pantaliano, Jodie Hockensmith, Nicholas Elliott, Catherine Hayden, Liesa Abrams: moderator Jon Anderson) | Thursday 6:30 PM Room 4


  • Love in the time of YA
  • Queer Representation in All-Ages and Youth Media
  • Star Wars Publishing
  • Tarzan on Screen and Page
  • Shatner Singularity Universe
  • It’s the End of the…YA Series
  • Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of These: Horror and Thriller Authors Bring Your Nightmares to Life
  • Ask-an-Agent
  • The World of Mouse Guard
  • Tolkien Fandom The Road Goes Ever On
  • The Annual International Association of Media and Tie-in Writers Award Panel
  • The Writer’s Journey: Maximizing Your Exposure in the Marketplace
  • How Old is Young Adult in Europe and the USA?
  • What’s Up with Penguin
  • 11 Secrets to Publishing Your E-Book
  • Romance in Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror


  • I Read It Before (And After) It Was a Movie
  • Spotlight on William Gibson
  • Reading Without Walls
  • A World After Harry: The Changing Genre of YA Fantasy
  • CBLDF: Banned Books Week
  • Capturing the Imagination of Middle Grade Readers
  • What’s New from Del Rey Books
  • Stories of Imagination: Harper Voyager and Epic Reads


  • Spotlight on Marissa Meyer
  • Fantastic Fans and Where to Find Them
  • How to Create Your Own novel: From First Idea to Publishing and What You Need to Sell  Your Work to TV and Film
  • Knock, Knock: Bestselling Kid’s Book Authors Bring the Funny
  • Creating Diverse Worlds and Cultures
  • The Secret Origin of Good Readers Break-Out Session
  • Leigh Bardugo and Gene Luen Yang in Conversation
  • KidLit Literary Agents
  • Assassin’s Creed Last Descendants Author Matthew J. Kirbyy
  • Bisexuality and Beyond: New Frontiers in Popular Culture
  • What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction

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