One Murder More wins 3 Silver Falchion awards…and up to 100 ILMK readers can get a free Kindle version!

One Murder More wins 3 Silver Falchion awards…and up to 100 ILMK readers can get a free Kindle version!

I’m very excited to announce officially that my sibling’s first novel, the murder mystery

One Murder More (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

has won three 2016 prestigious

Silver Falchion awards

at the

Killer Nashville literary conference

Previous Silver Falchion award winners include Dean Koontz, Anne Perry, and John Sandford. You can see other 2016 winners in the Silver Falchion awards link above (Silver Falchion awards).

Kris’ book won in the following categories:

  • Best Fiction First Novel
  • Judges’ Award for Political Thriller
  • Judge’s Award for Female Detective/Women Sleuths

This is OMM’s latest accolade…New York Times bestselling author John Lescoart called it “Crisp and entertaining…”. Another New York Times bestselling author, Robert Dugoni, called it “…irresistible…” One Murder More has a 4.7 average out of 5 with 90 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. Amazon featured it in their only brick-and-mortar bookstore.

I’m very proud of Kris. I should mention that I don’t have any official connection to the book (I’m not part of the publishing team), although I have been giving advice. I don’t financially benefit from purchases of the book.

Kris has generously agreed to give away up to 100 Kindle version to readers of I Love My Kindle!

Thanks, Kris!

I have readers around the world, and I want to spread out the opportunity to get them, since people are in different time zones.

Here’s what we are going to do.

If you want one, comment on this post asking for it.

We’ll give up to ten away each hour for the first ten commenters that hour (one per person).

If an hour doesn’t have ten requests, though, we’ll go back to the comments from the first hour and start with the eleventh request, then the twelfth, and so on. When all of the commenters from the first hour have been given copies, we’ll move on to the second hour, and so on.

For example: let’s say 15 people request it the first hour. The first ten get one. Then, we wait for the second hour. If eight people request it the second hour, those eight get one…as well as the eleventh and twelfth from the first hour. Next, we wait for the third hour. If five people request it the third hour, those five get it…plus the remaining three from the first hour.

We may not end up giving away all 100 if there aren’t that many requests.

Don’t worry about all that, though…if you want one, ask for it! 🙂

What if you already have the book (and if you do, that’s appreciated!)?

You can still request one. Amazon lets you turn the value of a gift e-book you already have into store credit. What I’d like you to do in that case is gift One Murder More to someone else.

All of this is to celebrate the Silver Falchion awards, and to thank my readers who have been following the progress of a first-time author’s first book in the evolving publishing world.

Kris is providing these books. The Kindle gift will come from me, so that I’m the only one who sees your e-mail address (my readers also don’t see it…I’ll use the one that is used when you post your comment). If you write a review, which authors always appreciate, I believe it’s proper to disclose that you got a free copy from the author (but you aren’t getting it in consideration of a review).

One final point: I mentioned that I have readers around the world, but there may be geographic restrictions in you getting the book.

Once again, congratulations to my sibling, Kris Calvin, on three Silver Falchion awards for

One Murder More (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)


Update: Kris was also kind enough to give me a statement for ILMK readers: 

It’s not that getting an award changed my life. But as a debut author, it is a source not only  of recognition, but also  of comfort. Of  feeling like I belong in the community of writers. 

After hearing my name called for the second time, when  my powers of speech were beginning to  come back to me (for the first award I really was speechless!)  I  shared from the podium that I’m one of those  people whose  early draft manuscript was pronounced “terrible” by the first editor who reviewed it. It was only through the support of  others  that I was able to stick with it ,and to write my way  through two more drafts to find myself here. 

During that process, even the murderer changed!  

The kind words, insights and  encouragement  from  family, friends, fellow writers and colleagues all  became incredibly important,  enabling me  to exercise  and build my creative muscles  despite  the noise  and pressure of obligations  that  dominate all of our daily lives.”

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* I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile. When you shop at AmazonSmile, half a percent of your purchase price on eligible items goes to a non-profit you choose. It will feel just like shopping at Amazon: you’ll be using your same account. The one thing for you that is different is that you pick a non-profit the first time you go (which you can change whenever you want)…and the good feeling you’ll get. :) Shop ’til you help! :) By the way, it’s been interesting lately to see Amazon remind me to “start at AmazonSmile” if I check a link on the original Amazon site. I do buy from AmazonSmile, but I have a lot of stored links I use to check for things.

Note: other of my family members have published books, including another sibling. You can see more information at I know these authors!




36 Responses to “One Murder More wins 3 Silver Falchion awards…and up to 100 ILMK readers can get a free Kindle version!”

  1. Susan Walker Says:

    I’d love to be lucky enough to receive the book !!!!!!susan

  2. andgee Says:

    Just read the sample on Amazon, sounds like an interesting book. I’d love to read it.

  3. Amy Says:

    I did already buy a copy, so I don’t need a copy for myself. If you have extras, I would certainly gift a copy to a friend who’s a passionate reader of mysteries on kindle, and this book seems right up her alley. I’m very happy for your sibling’s impressive awards.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Amy!

      I don’t see that you’ve gotten your copy yet…I you don’t see it in the e-mail you used when posting your comment, let me know.

  4. Joseph Bowers Says:

    Congratulations to Kris, that’s quite a good job for a first novel. Great to get such recognition on your work. Please send me the info for a copy of I qualify, Bufo, and thanks again for all you do in support of reading.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Joseph!

      If anything I do supports reading, that makes me really happy…thanks!

      Enjoy One Murder More!

  5. Zebras Says:

    Congratulations Kris!

  6. alanchurch Says:

    Ditto above comments. I’d like another and I’ll give it away.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, alanchurch!

      Amazon is showing your copy as “Sent” but not “Claimed”. Let me know if you don’t have it.

  7. Helen Burns Says:

    Congratulations to Kris. Certainly I’d like a copy, sounds like a winner!

  8. Lou Anne Leonard Says:


  9. Glenn Starrett Says:

    Congratulations! I would love to receive a copy!

  10. Jay Bernhard Says:

    I love Thrillers!! Please may I have a copy? Being legally blind and no longer working, I read and listen to books a lot.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jay!

      Kris’ gift of One Murder More to you bounced (bad e-mail address). I think it may have just been a typo. Could you reply to this comment and put in your e-mail address again? Then I can have it resent.

      Thanks for requesting it!

    • Jay Bernhard Says:

      Sorry — Being blind sucks sometimes — I found the typo

  11. Jenny Says:

    Wow, i would love a copy please. I am always looking for new authors to read. Am in Australia.

  12. booksfan Says:

    Congratulations to Kris! 🎉 That’s great news! I have the book, but have not yet read it. I’m looking forward to doing so!

  13. Brad Bradsher Says:

    I would love to have a copy!

  14. Tuxy Says:

    The book sounds interesting! Congratulations!

  15. Joanne Says:

    Congrats! Would love a copy!

  16. kindleFan Says:

    Sounds like its worth reading. I enjoy reading early work from authors. Please send me a copy.

  17. Miriam Says:

    Well done on finishing the book, let alone the acknowledgement by winning 3 awards. I hope you continue to write and be published more books.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Miriam!

      Thanks for the kind words for Kris! The second Maren Kane book is in the works. 🙂

  18. Bob anton Says:

    Congrats, Hope you write many more! Bob

  19. Alisha Says:

    Congratulations! I would love to have a copy! It really sounds interesting.

  20. Jenny Says:

    Not available to Australians unfortunately – thanks for the offer. Please give my copy to someone else …

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jenny!

      Sorry you couldn’t get it! Everybody who asked for one is getting one (except for one bounce…hoping to get a good address on that). Nice of you to think of others!

  21. Jay Bernhard Says:

    Not sure if you receive my reply — I fixed the email address — it should work now

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jay!

      Got it, thanks! I had a pretty intense day in my regular job today, so I just hadn’t had a chance to moderate your comment yet.

      I’ll ask Amazon to resend it to the right address…

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