Rumor & refutation: Amazon stopping support for OG Kindles?

Rumor & refutation: Amazon stopping support for OG Kindles?

This one evolved pretty quickly.

There was a rumor that Amazon was no longer supporting the original and second generation Kindles…that they could no longer be registered, meaning that if you reset one to factory defaults, you couldn’t register it again.

When I saw the story at first, I thought it might be possible, but it seemed unlikely. I was guessing there might be some confusion with the update that was required last year to keep accessing some things:

Update your Kindle or lose access on it to your Cloud, the store, and other Kindle services

I also figured I would have gotten an e-mail: we still have a first gen (OG, by the way, can stand for Original Generation) registered. 🙂


article in The Verge by Andrew Liptak

sums it up.

It’s interesting to read the story, and it does show what happens sometimes when an Amazon rep may be…imprecise, or sometimes I think they may be underinformed.

Bottom line: according to the story (read it all the way through) this may be a temporary glitch, and Amazon is not stopping people from registering Kindle 1s and 2s.

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