Amazon reorgs Newsstand, combining newspapers and magazines, moves blogs

Amazon reorgs Newsstand, combining newspapers and magazines, moves blogs 

I was working on my monthly Snapshot


this morning, and when I went to check the number of magazines, newspapers, and blogs, I couldn’t get the numbers the way I usually do.

In the past, those three categories have been listed separately under

Newsstand (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

This time, magazines and newspapers appear to have been combined into one category…and at first, I couldn’t find blogs at all.

The number for magazines and newspapers was 2,007.

Magazines on February 1st were 1,732, and newspapers were 158. Together, that’s 1,890…and magazines that month had andincrease of 354 (which was unusually high), so 2,007 seems reasonable.

Blogs were 15,593 on February 1st, so clearly, they weren’t part of this number.

I checked this blog in the Kindle store

I Love My Kindle blog (at AmazonSmile*)

and from there, could get to the blog bestsellers…which at least showed that blogs still were for sale in the Kindle store…whew! 🙂

My subscribers (thanks, subscribers!) are my most reliable source of writing income, so they are empowering the writing I do. I especially appreciate them sticking with it when delivery has been unreliable of late. Perhaps that was connected to this change? I’m guessing it wasn’t, that it’s just wishful thinking on my part. 🙂

If the blogs had actually been gone from sale in the Kindle store, that would require some re-thinking. I don’t think this blog would stop, but I might look into Patreon or other means of generating income from it (I really like that I don’t do regular-type ads in this blog, and would want to continue that).

It’s interesting to combine newspapers and magazines…I suppose that they really are a continuum, if you take away the physical component. The biggest thing is the periodicity, I guess…typically daily for newspapers, typically monthly for magazines. Magazines have better pictures, and I would think of newspapers as being more current events…but I don’t see a clear line. Time often reports on current events, and some newspapers do nice longer-focus stories.

Blogs do feel like they belong more in the same category of periodicals than they do with books…they are often even more frequent than newspapers, and can definitely be even more stream of consciousness style.

I’m okay with this change…but I am curious about what it may mean in the future. Should there be a separation between magazines and books, for example? Those feel different, but some book series come out monthly…and a pulp like Doc Savage definitely seems like a series of books.

What do you think? Does this change make any difference to you? Would you find it odd to see no separation between your hometown newspaper and People Magazine when you were searching? What do you see as the role of blogs in the USA Kindle store? Feel free to tell me and my readers what you think by commenting on this post.

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8 Responses to “Amazon reorgs Newsstand, combining newspapers and magazines, moves blogs”


    Maybe that is why my subscriptions to ILMK and the Boston Globe have not been coming without jumping thru many clicks on the website this week.

  2. Phyllis Simpson Says:

    The only way i can get your Blog is to google it on my IPAD, I am beginning to feel Amazon is no longer is interested in the original loyal kindle fans. They seem to have moved on to other things and have forgotten about us. In retaliation I cancelled my Washington Post, and unless they straighten this situation out with the blogs, I will cancel my Prime.

    I have really enjoyed your blog. I have been a subscriber since the beginning. I hope they don’t cancel the blogs.
    Phyllis Simpson

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Phyllis!

      Thanks for going the extra mile to get the blog!

      Have you told Amazon how you feel? I have seen them comment recently about early gen models…I don’t think they’ve forgotten us. 🙂

  3. Edward Boyhan Says:

    Some strangeness with blogs from kindle devices. I usually have my subscribed blogs delivered to a collection on my kindle. Then I read the blogs between books. I just went to read ILMK, and the last post delivered to my kindle is this one. If I go to the web site, I see that you’ve written two more posts.

    Also from my kindle home page my library, there is no longer a blogs filter at the top. However, if I select periodicals as a filter, then the blogs appear in the list. The blogs do appear in manage my content & devices under the blogs filter as previously — no noticeable change there.

    Other blogs (not ILMK) seem to have been delivered to the kindle collection correctly (at least for 3/2/17), but ILMK posts for 3/1 & 3/2 are nowhere to be found on my kindle. Strange. . .

    • Edward Boyhan Says:

      Since I posted this, I went shopping for 2-3 hours. When I came back your two additional blog posts had appeared on my kindle (in their correct collection. Don’t know whether you did something, or what I noticed was some kind of timing issue.

      Blogs do appear on my kindle as periodicals — don’t know whether that’s a change or not — as the only type filter I use on my library page is “collections” . I occasionally use “books”, but mostly I leave the my library home page set to display only downloaded collections.

      I’ll continue to monitor things, but right now all appears as expected.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Edward!

        Thanks for keeping me informed! I didn’t do anything this time…I do sometimes contact them, but so do readers and that can help. 🙂

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      It does seem strange, irregular. It might also have to do with when I publish, I suppose, which is also irregular. Shouldn’t affect it for two days, though…

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