Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017 part 2: see what books are on your devices

Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017 part 2: see what books are on your devices

In my last post,

Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017: resend gifts to a different address!

I wrote about the new feature on the “Your Content” tab of

MYCD (Manage Your Content and Devices), formerly MYK (Manage Your Kindle) (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

which is Amazon’s centralized spot to manage your Kindle account.

I knew there was more for me to examine when I took this latest look at MYCD, and one of my regular readers and commenters, Tom Semple, brought up something about the “Your Devices” tab.

When you click or tap (or eye gaze in virtual/augmented reality…the latest Oculus/Samsung Gear update has a native browser, and Amazon is one of the default choices. You can’t do everything there, but you can do a lot: in the ellipsis (…) for a given device, you have these choices:

  • Deregister
  • Set as default device
  • Remote Alarm (this is cool…it makes your device beep so you can find it)
  • Find Your Tablet (this locates it)
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Factory Reset
  • View device content

Note that the above listing is for my now discontinued Kindle Fire HDX7. You can’t make a Kindle EBR (E-Book Reader) beep, for example. You’ll see the appropriate choices for that device (you won’t see a lot for an Echo device, although you can manage voice recordings).

The big revelation for most people, and something I think Amazon should have promoted, is the ability to “View device content”.

When you select that, you’ll get a new page with all of the content on your device listed!

Right away, you can see a count, which is nice.

Checking, though, I’m seeing Kindle store books and samples. I’m not seeing blogs, for example.

If you click the ellipsis (…) for a book, you get a choice to deliver it to the Default Device, or to “Others”. Others is a plural: you can select multiple other devices.

There is also a checkbox to the left of the ellipsis. After you check that, two new buttons appear: one to Deliver, and one to Deselect All.

What that means is that you could select several books and deliver them to several other devices.

One major limitation is that you can only select up to ten…which means that if you are trying to transfer hundreds of books, it’s going to be some work.

We can go from a book and see the Collections of which it is a part. We can go to a device and see what books are in it.

The one big direction we can’t do is go from a book and see which devices have downloaded it.

Why does that matter?

Books from the Kindle store have a designated number of “Simultaneous Device Licenses” (SDLs). Unless it says otherwise on the Amazon product page, that number is six. Some books have fewer (I’ve seen as few as one); some (especially those in the public domain) are unlimited.

If you’ve downloaded a given book with 6 SDLs on six devices, and then try to download it on a seventh (without deleting it from one of the others), it won’t let you do it.

It would be very helpful to know which devices have that book, so we could choose where to delete it.

Still, MYCD is getting important new capabilities, and I appreciate that.

It would also be nice to be able to delete a book from a device through MYCD…hopefully that’s in the works for the future.

This strengthens the role of what I refer to the Manager, which is anyone who has the password for the account (as opposed to users, who just use the account and control what is on their individual devices).

I suspect some users will be surprised that the Manager will be able to see what’s on their devices!

I’ll check out MYCD a bit more, and see if there is anything else standing out to me.

Thanks again to Andrys Basten, Edward Boyhan, and Tom Semple!


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