Harry Potter: from bestseller to most read

Harry Potter: from bestseller to most read

It’s only been a couple of week since Amazon disrupted the bestseller lists with the introduction of

Amazon Charts (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

as I wrote about here:
Amazon Charts: reinventing the “bestseller” list

It gives us two sets of top twenties (well, four actually…two each for fiction and non-fiction). One list is for bestselling (which is also influenced by borrows through subscription services…I’m guessing these):

although I’m not sure about the last one, since it isn’t really a subscription service.

The other list, and this isn’t something you can do with paperbooks, is which books are actually the most read (and if it’s a borrow, the customer needs to have read far enough for the publisher to get compensated…they say about the length of a free sample).

I’ve been curious about what the obvious difference between the two lists might be.

Well, there’s one clear stand out!

The most read list has five of the seven original Harry Potter books.

The bestseller list has…none of them.

The HP books are in KU, and they are relatively expensive: that might have something to do with it. However, seven of the twenty bestsellers are KU titles…nice to know that being in KU doesn’t mean people don’t buy it.

I think one factor may be people re-reading HP: I suspect a lot of people do that.

It’s possible that so many people have already brought the Harry Potter books that they don’t need to buy them now…and it may be children of earlier purchasers, although I’m just speculating.

I’ve also mentioned before that movies and TV shows clearly are big influencers of purchases…which does give an advantage to tradpubs (traditional publishers) over indies (independent publishers).

Two books from the mid-1980s are on the most read list: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (now a Hulu TV series) and It by Stephen King (with a new movie adaptation coming this year). It does not appear on the bestseller list, though.


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2 Responses to “Harry Potter: from bestseller to most read”

  1. Phink Says:

    Here is something perhaps your readers have not thought of. This is a way to get free Kindle books BUT it does take time out of their daily lives and one could argue that means it’s not really free.
    A couple months ago I heard of the ‘Amazon Mechanical Turk’ program. I love their motto “Artificial Artificial Intelligence.” Now, plenty poo-poo this and that’s fine. I am simply putting this out there in case you want to expand on it and to let your readers know in case they don’t mind working for $2-$3 an hour. Yep, pretty low wages. Mechanical Turks do a few things such as transcribe video or answer surveys. If it were not ran by Amazon I would have never signed up but I’ve learned to trust them. Money earned can be transferred to a bank account or your Amazon account. Some might actually enjoy the surveys. I got paid 80 cents yesterday answering just a few questions and playing Crossword Puzzles for about 15 minutes.
    I was thinking for those that have a lot of free time but not much money this might be an option to obtain books they could not normally afford or perhaps to earn enough for a Prime membership or to pay their monthly Kindle Unlimited dues. I have done this 3 days now and earned about $13. I’m guessing I spent about 3-4 hours on it however. I have not minded it much though. It was not like real work.
    When I signed up 2 months or so ago my application was denied. A google search said everyone is being denied because so many are doing it. It said some will be approved down the road. A few days ago I got an email saying I was now accepted.
    Again, this is just in case someone is interested. Some would describe it as a colossal waste of time but for certain people it might be beneficial. There is a fantastic 22 or 23 minute video on You Tube that explains it and easy to find if anyone wants to.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Phink!

      I really appreciate you sharing this, especially your experience with it! It’s not a way for someone to make a living, but for retired people or maybe young people, it might be a good option.

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