Traveling with Amazon gadgets

Traveling with Amazon gadgets

I’ve recently (or currently…or will do in the future and have time tripped there and back again..I like to keep this mysterious, and thieves, it doesn’t mean our house is empty) 😉 traveled with some Amazon gadgets.

I’ve got…let’s see: three Amazon gadgets with me (and my Significant Other has one more). I normally use more than that at home, but you know, I travel light. 😉

I didn’t bring a Kindle EBR (E-Book Reader), although I typically use two in a day (a Voyage in bed, and a Paperwhite). I did bring my now discontinued Kindle Fire HDX tablet. I’ve been using that a lot. I’ve never flown on JetBlue before, and that was a really good experience! They had a 120v plug at each seat, which meant I could plug in my laptop and use the USB to charge our phones and tablets, so that was nice.

They also had good video options. Even though the movies are edited for airplanes, I decided to watch the recent Man from U.N.C.L.E. remake.


I have to say, rarely has an adaptation more misunderstood the source material, in my opinion (the Matthew Broderick Godzilla is another contender). I watched the original series, and I have rewatched several episodes recently. The camaraderie between the Russian Illya Kuryakin and the American Napoleon Solo was part of it (and shocking for the time…in Cold War America, a Russian spy was a teen idol), but there was something else important and really missed in this one: Illya and Napoleon were ordinary people doing a job…not Supermen nor Ivan Dragos. The movie completely subverts that, with Illya in particular being practically inhumanly powerful.


I did particularly like the Man from U.N.C.L.E. novels, by the way. 🙂

I also read on my KFHDX on the plane: both a book and a magazine (using the Zinio app).

At the hotel, I use the KFHDX the way I do at home: it’s my nightstand clock, and I also use it for my morning Flipboard read.

We have our

Echo Show (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

with us, but it had a specific purpose on the trip. One sibling couldn’t make the trip due to medical issues. The Echo Show will be a way for that person to remotely attend events. They can see what’s happening, and other people can walk up and talk to the device. I don’t have the Show turned on in the family room…our now adult kid will be with us for one night, and doesn’t like the “Always Listening capability.

The Amazon gadget which is surprisingly effective? A

Fire TV Stick (at AmazonSmile*)

This inexpensive, small (about the size of a finger) device means we can watch the same show in the hotel that we normally watch at home.

I just put it into the hotel TV’s HDMI slot, plugged it into a power outlet, and connected it to the hotel wi-fi.

That’s it…ready to go!

I’m also using my Samsung Gallery S7 and a laptop.

Amazon gadgets are part of 0ur vacation…like they are when we are not on vacation. 😉

Do you have a good Amagadget on the road story? Feel free to tell me and myr eaders by commenting on this post (that goes for questions, too).


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4 Responses to “Traveling with Amazon gadgets”

  1. Phink Says:

    I know you talk about the Fire Stick from time to time but for me the ROKU is so much better. It could be simply the apps I use. For instance I love all things digital. I have bought nothing but digital movies for a few years now and when I decided to cut all ties with Apple in the past I decided to buy my digital movies at VUDU instead of Amazon. There is no app on the Fire stick for VUDU.

    My main reservation for choosing VUDU was they were not Amazon. There is more of a chance Amazon will sell digital movies longer than VUDU. VUDU is owned by Walmart and they at one time sold digital music and shut down that store. They could do the same for VUDU and that concerns me. However, VUDU has a ‘disc to digital’ feature I loved. For as low as $1 you can covert your DVD’s to VUDU digital’s. That is one reason I have over 200 VUDU movies now. They recently made it even simpler. You can now simply scan the bar code on the DVD box and it’ll convert it. To keep theft and deception at a minimum it’s my understanding you can only do this if using WiFi with your home IP address or something. This keeps you from simply going to a retail store and scanning DVD’s on the shelf.

    Anyway, the Fire Stick has too much missing for how I use it. There were other apps it did not have as well but can’t remember what they are. To me the ROKU is the best streaming device out there hands down. However, I’m sure others would disagree.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Phink!

      Well, as Bill Gates said (and he wasn’t the first, apparently, but many people credit it to him), “Content is king.”

      Something that won’t show the movies you want isn’t of much use…no matter how good it is.

      For us, we’ve most used it for watching current TV shows, which aren’t available on DVD. I’ve used a Roku and enjoyed it, and a Tivo. If our Tivo was still working, I’d still be using it.

      Amazon could be more innovative in how you can get books into your library. If you own a public domain book, it would be great if you could scan the cover (or ISBN, if it has one), and have it jump into your library. They could also let you scan a book to have it entered into your Goodreads library more easily…although I haven’t tried that in a while.

  2. Edward Boyhan Says:

    On a recent flight to Seattle, I flew on Alaska Airlines. They handed out tablets preloaded with selections of movies, TV shows, music, and (for pay) connections to Wi-Fi and the internet, and some live broadcast TV (Nirvana?). They also had power outlets for my devices — both AC and USB. I plugged my noise cancelling headphones into the tablet, and the five hour flight passed in a trice.

    I generally take my Kindle Oasis, and my Smartphone with me anytime I leave the house — even for short out and abouts (those extra pocket on my cargo pants come in handy). On longer trips I add a laptop and my Fire HDX 8.9 tablet (though the screen has physically warped on the latter — I still use it to read glossy magazines like Scientific American).

    Alexa integration is supposedly coming to my 2016 Mustang Sync3 in early 2018, but my Mustang is on a lease, and I will get a new one in August 2018 — so I’ll probably wait until then to try it out. I’m real leery of S/W downloads from car manufacturers.

    As I’m sitting here in what feels like a cave watching the leading edges of hurricane Irma pass by, I read a blog post on issues with Bluetooth and the new Alexa multi-room audio. As an aside they mentioned that MRA would not work with non-music sources or 3rd party skills like Sirius. Sirius? I didn’t know that! I looked it up — it’s really easy: just enable the skill, enter your Sirius credentials and you’re good to go.

    The reason I mention this: my house has a metal roof (good to have given Irma’s impending arrival :grin). When I drive into my garage, the Sirius signal cuts out. It’s annoying, I could be listening to a new story or a Radio Classics show, and then nothing. Now I can take my Echo Tap with me in the car, and when I enter the garage just say: “Alexa play Radio Classics on SiriusFM” and I can continue listening (my Wi-Fi reaches into my garage).

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      Interesting on Sirius! Hypothetically, if you had asked Alexa top lay Radio Classics on Sirius FM and you hadn’t enabled it, it would suggest the skill…that’s new.

      Alaska is supposed to be good. I like the seatback touchscreen, but a tablet would be interesting. I have to be honest: we use tablets for members in the healthcare organization in which I work, and one of our big concerns is sanitizing them between uses. We use a particular type of sanitizing wipe…and our staff knows that it has to sit for thirty seconds to “cure” afterwards. Alaska Airlines may be doing all that, but it would take a while with a hundred people on an airplane having used one…

      The power outlets are nice! An early post I wrote on my The Measured Circle blog (seven years ago), was about “Tech we still need”:

      My first one was about wireless power…not what we have now where we still set it on a pad…my Amazon Tap does that one. I mean that things just charge without you doing anything. That sort of “ambient charging” might be slow, but that’s still my most desired one.

      Of the other two, one now seems inevitable: self-driving cars. The other one was “mass knockout”: some way to just put everybody in a building to sleep, like in a bank robbery. Something like that may be possible when most people are wearing “auggies” (VAM: Virtual/Augmented/Merged/Mixed Reality glasses/headset).

      I wear a Doc Savage style “utility vest” (which preceded Batman’s “utility belt). I have my phone and Fire tablet in there, along with headphones, a power bank…

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