Breaking (and as I predicted): new 10th anniversary Kindle!

Breaking (and as I predicted): new 10th anniversary Kindle!

More to follow, but Amazon has announced a new 10th anniversary Kindle!

2nd generation, waterproof Kindle Oasis (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

This is an Oasis I can buy, since it doesn’t come with an animal leather cover!

It also has Audible integrated, so we’ll see what that means.

$249.99, pre-order for October 31st.

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19 Responses to “Breaking (and as I predicted): new 10th anniversary Kindle!”

  1. Phink Says:

    I bought it and it says Audible integration but does not say ‘Immersion Reading’ so therefore I am almost certain I cannot do that when it gets here. I’d like that feature but not a deal breaker. I doubt I’ll use the audible feature at all without immersion reading but we’ll see. It does say more features on fonts and what knot. I’ve been asking for more font sizes for ages so hopefully that’s what they mean.

  2. Lady Galaxy Says:

    Since I don’t have wi-fi, I would need the version with cellular connectivity. That version is $70 more. $50 more for the so called “free 4G/3G/EDGE” connection, $20 more because special offers is not available on that model. At least that might explain why the special offers feature stopped working on my Voyage and one of my K3’s. The 8 G storage version is also not available with cellular connectivity. I’d still consider purchasing on the installment plan IF the additional font sizes are on the larger end of the scale rather than the smaller.

    • Phink Says:

      Lady, I keep going back and forth on should I cancel my order and reorder with 3G. You said 4G. Is it 4G? Either way, I really like the idea of not having to worry about having WiFi on, especially when traveling.

      Even around here, if at a restaurant by myself, or anywhere else I like the idea of just grabbing it as I’m heading out the door and knowing when I open it it’ll go to the last place read without needing a WiFi signal. See, I actually use 2-3 kindles at a time so I need it to update to last place read. I have one by my bed I use exclusively when reading in bed. I’ve thought my life would be easier if I just left WiFi / Data off and only used one Kindle.

      The reason I have not re-ordered is the cellular data one is not available with the small hard drive. I had to google it but found my Voyager has only a 4GB HD and it’s fine. I don’t need a HD bigger than 8. I always order without ads because I like the idea of when I open a case or hit that button I don’t have to swipe the screen. The ads don’t bother me but swiping the screen does. Get rid of ads and no swiping required. Is it worth $70, $80, whatever it is to get 3/4G and a larger HD? The thing is expensive enough as it is. I just don’t know. I used my Voyager 2 years now and it’ll get demoted to bedside Kindle so if I use this as my primary for 2 years it’ll be about $3.33 a month extra.

      • Phink Says:

        Also I think 3G is normally $70 more so I’m glad they are dropping it to $50. I think I’ll just keep the WiFi I have ordered already instead of replacing it with the 3G model. I mean if I need to grab a kindle on the go quickly I can grab my Voyager. It’s 3G. The times when I actually need 3G I could count on one hand every year. Plus, I think 3G is heavier on the battery. I’m not sure of that but I think that’s the case.

      • Lady Galaxy Says:

        I think it said 4G LTE where available, 3G/EDGE.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Lady!

        This is what they say:

        “4G LTE connectivity in US where available, 3G/EDGE/GPRS in other locations; utilizes Amazon Whispernet to provide wireless coverage via AT&T’s 4G LTE high-speed data network in the U.S and AT&T partner networks outside of the U.S. “

  3. Zebras Says:

    I can’t tell if it supports text to speech along with the audible. Love the waterproof idea.

    • Tom S Says:

      It supports VoiceView (accessibility features for vision impaired readers) — but that is not the same as TTS, which does not seem to be a feature. I hope they can will that later. And even for VV they need to add some more languages (Spanish, French, German etc.).

      I don’t see many people using it for Audible (well – except people with vision impairment), unless they implement immersion reading (I would settle for keeping page synced and without word-by-word highlighting).

      Note the font size and weight adjustments will be delivered to 6th generation and later Kindles (PW2, PW3, Voyage, Kindle 8th gen, Oasis 1). And Kindle 8gen will get Audible capability. But I don’t expect to see updates until after Oasis 2 ships.

      • Phink Says:

        When it comes to audible and the kindle book I too would be fine with an EBR that syncs both without highlighting. I don’t need the highlighting and actually would prefer it not do that. I love the fact though that I don’t have to turn the page and for easy rewind just flip to the previous page. I’m guessing though that audible on this will simply show the book cover and your standard play, rewind, skip buttons on the page.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Phink!

        I’ve gone through the Users’ Guide, and I’m not seeing anything to indicate that it will do immersion reading (play the auidobook in sync with what you are sightreading).

  4. Edward Boyhan Says:

    I don’t know any of the details about audible or text to speech, but I can tell you it has NO physical audio connectors. Instead, the only audio connection is via BlueTooth — you must provide your own BlueTooth headphones or external speaker. The audible stuff will be coming via an over the air S/W update when the device ships. That OTA update will also be available to the original Oasis and gen 8 Kindles at some future point.

    The covers (which also double as stands) come in two flavors: ones with leather and ones without — the leather ones are more expensive than the others ($60 vs $45). Both flavors come in multiple colors.

    It’s heavier than the original Oasis, but has much-improved battery life, and twice the storage (8GB vs 4GB) of the original (in the cheapest version of the Oasis 2).

    I’ve got in excess of 300 books on my original Oasis, and I still have 2GB free. However, I assume audible books will take up much more space — hence the additional storage. You can even have 32GB (for $30 more)

    Perhaps the biggest change is that it’s a lot cheaper than the original ($250 vs $360).

    Still, to my mind, (beyond the audible stuff and waterproofing — neither of which are of interest to me) this mostly adds up to fit and finish improvements. I don’t think I’ll be getting one

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      Yes, I was hoping to point out this morning that although it has audible it has no onboard udio. It’s been very busy, I was staying up late trying to get things done last night.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      Yes, Audible books are much, much bigger! However, there doesn’t feel like any startling innovation here, if we take other manufacturers’ EBRs into account.

  5. Robert Anderson Says:

    Exciting release. Wonder if it does have text to speech, would rather have that than audible.

    Being metal, is it cold to the touch. My Chromebook is all metal, it is cold to the touch. I would notice cold to touch more with a Kindle.

    I am tempted by the 32gb model, it would hold lots of books. I use calibre to manage books.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Robert!

      Yes, it has TTS through VoiceView. Cold is an interesting question…do you use your Kindle without a cover? 8GB is a lot for books…do you have more than that?

  6. Robert Anderson Says:

    Watching for the update on my Voyage and Paperwhite, the new features for bold fonts look good.

  7. Eileen Eads Says:

    I am very excited about a waterproof Kindle! Not so happy that I traded in my Voyage and bought an Oasis about 6 weeks ago. While I don’t need 32GB, I DO need cellular connectivity for travel and so I had to pay for the storage and for no special offers. Wish they had some more options available, but I spend the NC summer floating in the pool, reading on my Kindle so I did feel the need to go ahead and upgrade. I look forward to trying it out.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Eileen!

      Sounds great for you! Yeah, it’s a bit of a weird bundling, but the cellular requires hardware, which means it happens during assembly…which is also when they put in the memory.

      I’ll be interested in your assessment!

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