Our internet has been out for over 24 hours

This is just a heads up, and the timing is not great for us, but our internet has been out since before 5 a.m. on Saturday. This is the weekend where I’m really finishing putting the book together, so the timing is not great, but I wanted to let you know in case I have not responded to something that you may have commented on the blog. They are coming out this afternoon, that hopefully fix it. I am able to do all the basic stuff, and none of it worked.

Update: a bit more on this…I’ve gone to somewhere with internet for a while. ūüôā

It’s amazing how impacted we are when our internet is out! Our cellphones don’t even work. You see, our house is in a dead zone…no reception. Our carrier gave us a mini-cell tower for the house, which works well…but it runs off of our internet. With the internet down, we can’t make phone calls. We could walk a block or so and do it, if we had to do it.

The service person is supposed to come between 1:00 PM Pacific and 3:00 PM P. Hopefully, they can fix it. I plan to be home before that, and then I am hoping it is on the early end. My Significant Other is home right now, and if they show up early without calling first, my SO will walk somewhere and then call me to let me know¬† to come home…my SO is very smart, but I have better expertise to discuss the internet issues.

It is a weird one: my router says it has internet, but my phone says it doesn’t…I’m connected to wi-fi at home, but no internet.

I have lost hours of time working on the book these past two days, but I’m still shooting to have Because of the Kindle in the Kindle store by the 10th anniversary on November 19th (one week away).

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2 Responses to “Our internet has been out for over 24 hours”

  1. Edward Boyhan Says:

    Well, I can sure sympathize — as my internet went out for a little more than 24 hours on the 6th. It’s amazing how dependent we are becoming on the always available internet. I did have cellular on my new Moto X4 phone, but unfamiliarity with Android meant I only checked my inbox with that.

    I’m in the middle of writing my second post “Because of the Kindle”, and already it’s too long. I’ve decided to refer to a couple of articles in the mainstream press that make some of my points much better than I could. But be warned: one of them (from The Nation) is much longer than what I had written.

    I hope to finish up tonight.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      I’m looking forward to your post! If I get it some time tomorrow, I can get it into the book at first publication. If it’s after that, it’s still possible, but tougher

      I actually considered sitting out in our car using the hotspot on my Samsung, but where I went, although a bit further away, was a much better place to write. When we knew the tech was coming, I didn’t want to be far away.

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