Rats! Literally…

Rats! Literally…

I don’t usually want to do two posts on the same topic in a row, but the other one was really half a post…and I couldn’t resist the headline. 😉

Our internet is now back up at home, after having been down for at least 37 hours (I don’t know exactly when it went out, but it was before 5:00 AM Pacific time on Saturday (and after 3:30, because I was using it then).

It took the tech something like four hours to fix it.

I’m pretty techie myself, so I had done the basic things…and I’m glad that it did turn out to be something I couldn’t have fixed myself. 🙂

It was a combination of things, but the main thing was rat-chewed wires.

Let me be clear: I like rats. 🙂 You know that Michael Jackson,

Ben (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)


You know it’s originally a love song to a rat, right? From the sequel to the horror movie Willard?

I’ve also known pet rats who were intelligent and interested in people.

You also know that the rat is the first year in traditional Chinese astrology because the rat cleverly won the race? Okay, some people would say the rat cheated, but it was still smart and within the stated rules. 😉


That doesn’t mean that rats never cause me problems.

In this case, they had chewed our internet cables.

That created a big signal loss…which apparently set off a red flag for our carrier, which meant (and they were apparently supposed to tell us this first), they put on an “ingress filter”…stopping us from getting internet.

That was apparently necessary to prevent us from “infecting” the neighborhood in some way…we were essentially quarantined.

The tech ended up having to re-wire the whole house, and in a different way than it had been…long story, probably not worth going into here.

It is probably worth giving you some sense as to how much we were impacted by being web blind!

  • Obviously, I couldn’t get on wi-fi. That really impacted my book, on which I had planned to do a lot of work the last two days. That doesn’t mean I won’t make it…but it’s going to be a lot more intense week than it might have been. I’m putting out Because of the Kindle in honor of the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the Kindle on November 19th, 2007
  • We couldn’t make phone calls. We are in a cell dead zone, so our carrier gave us a mini-cell tower for our house, which works great…but runs off our internet router. That was one thing the service representative wasn’t getting very well. I explained that, but more than once, the rep asked me to call when I got home (I went somewhere else to get some work done), which I couldn’t do
  • Alexa didn’t work! That’s just creepy. One nice thing with the Echo Show (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*) is that it shows an orange (?) band of light at the bottom of the screen when it’s not on the Internet. That was an easy status indicator when I was trying things. Alexa not working also meant that we couldn’t turn lights on and off the way we normally do
  • Our Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (New Pendant Form Factor) | Streaming Media Player (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*) and Fire TV Stick didn’t work. We do have cable…but we had to change channels one at a time by continually pushing the button the cable box. That’s because we usually use a Harmony remote…I don’t even know where the remote for the cable box is, offhand…actually, that’s not true. I see it now 😉

I could read on my devices, fortunately. Reading a book which already downloaded doesn’t require internet, although some things don’t work (including Wikipedia look up).

So, I definitely have some catching up to do! I quickly did a few things when we were at the dog park on cellular today, and, as I mentioned, I went somewhere else for a couple of hours each day.

Better check my family e-mail first (after this), then I’ve got some writing to do!

Thanks for your patience!

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