Happy bookish birthdays (January 16) to…

Happy bookish birthdays (January 16) to…

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This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog

2 Responses to “Happy bookish birthdays (January 16) to…”

  1. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I know you’re swamped right now, so I hate to bother with questions, but I’m curious about how you select which books to highlight from those authors featured in your “Happy Bookish Birthdays” list. Perhaps you could include in in your next round up. Today you listed “Songs of a Sourdough” for Robert Service. I’m familiar with “The Shooting of Dan McGrew” but I’d never heard of your featured book. So of course, I had to check it out on Amazon. The poem they featured in their “look inside” had such beautiful imagery that I found myself wanting to read the whole book. It took awhile to finally find the Kindle edition. While searching for it, I noticed on the “look inside” feature, there was a tab that said “print book.” Perhaps that tab has always been on the “look inside” page, but I never noticed it before. If I click that, will it print out the sample, or will it print out a whole book? That could take a lot of paper and printer ink.

    Oh dear. I didn’t realize I had more than one question. Anyway, I bought the Kindle edition. Then I kept searching and found a free edition of “The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses”, so I picked that up as well. Thanks again for letting me see that the man who wrote about Dan McGrew and his lady Lou also wrote “And the frogs their joys are singing, and my heart in tune is ringing/And it doesn’t matter what I might have been.”

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!

      Oh, I love getting the questions! Keep ’em coming. 🙂 In terms of being swamped, I was going to make a joke about how if I was any more swamped, I should be drawn by Walt Kelly, but I won’t. 😉

      As to the “print book”: that’s an adjective and a noun, not a verb and a noun. 🙂 It’s so that you can compare how the print book (p-book) looks to the electronic book (e-book).

      Now, in terms of choosing the book…

      I’m more than happy to address that! What I’m trying to do with that is identify the author, rather than expand horizons. As a former bookstore manager and eclectic reader, I often know most of the authors…but not all of them. It’s subjective, but these are some factors which can influence me:

      * Did the author have one book win major awards, or multiple awards? I’ll tend to feature that one
      * Was one book the book that made the author popular, or first popular (if they ever were)? That’s a plus
      * I’m more likely to pick a popular book earlier in the author’s career, rather than a really recent one
      * If Wikipedia has an individual page for the book, that’s a plus
      * If there are several versions of a public domain book, that’s a plus
      * If there has been a movie or TV series adaptation, that’s a plus
      * Listing a series is tricky…for me, the series should be known as that. People know “The Lord of the Rings” more than they know the individual titles, for example
      * One unfortunate negative? Diacritical marks or other special characters…I’m really rushing to get things done, as you’ve noted, and that adds steps. I can’t just type that character easily…I could copy and paste from the Amazon page to Notepad, then into WordPress, but that’s clunky. I often do that with authors’ names, though

      The hardest thing is not including more than one title (outside of series) for an author! I don’t think of just one book when I think of many authors, and some have multiple books which meet some of the above “plus” criteria. I play with the idea that I’ll do different books for them in different years, but that would again add more work, and in that case, perhaps without much added value.

      Thanks for asking!

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