You know what else Amazon delivers to your home? Jobs!

You know what else Amazon delivers to your home? Jobs!

We were out at the dog park today, and someone expressed dismay to me that Amazon is starting to deliver everything (you know, there’s a reason they call it the “Everything Store”).

I get it. This person specifically expressed concern over all the small, two-person kinds of places that Amazon replaces.

Well, first, Amazon can be great for small businesses! Is there a cost to doing business through Amazon? Of course. After all, they are providing a service. However, they can reach a lot more people than you can from Main Street…and Amazon is all about infrastructure. Also, a lot of the customer service will go through Amazon…and that can be the most expensive part for a product-distributing or producing business after they’ve sold the product.

I think Amazon is also starting to feel the pressure of how things may go politically in the future. There are multiple paths which could cause problems for Amazon, both from the existing DOJ (Department of Justice) and possible future administrations.

That may…um…encourage them to deal with gray areas and ones which cosmetically look odd.

Recently, for example, Amazon has changed a major, major policy.

They used to prohibit third-party sellers from selling the same products somewhere cheaper than Amazon…which I always found to be iffy. While I’m not an expert on this, it felt like “restraint of trade”, where one retailer determines what a wholesaler can do with another retailer.

According to this

Geek Wire article by Taylor Soper

and other sources, Amazon has stopped making that requirement.

I’m okay with Amazon delivering everything to my house…the more the merrier!

You know what else Amazon delivers to your home?


At time of writing, Amazon has 465 work-from-home (virtual) jobs listed at

The vast majority of the jobs are technical jobs (350 are Amazon Web Services jobs), but nine of them are Customer Service. While there is a lot of skill to Customer Service, it’s not that techie prereq.

If you are looking for a job, or know someone who is, I think it’s worth checking Amazon. My understanding is that at least some of these jobs (after maybe 90 days) are eligible for benefits.

I think we’ll see Amazon doing a lot more with benefits in the future…in part inspired by criticism driving them to try to improve.

What do you think? Would you work for Amazon from home? Is Amazon helping small business, hurting small business…or both? Am I wrong to want everything to come through Amazon? Feel free to tell me and my readers what you think by commenting on this post.


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This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog

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