Been waiting for the right writing opportunity? #VSS365a starts today!

Been waiting for the right writing opportunity? #VSS365a starts today!

It’s only possible to write so much in a day.

Some people are much faster at it than others, but even the fastest (think someone like Isaac Asimov, who averaged something like ten books a year) have to focus their attention.

It doesn’t matter which of the

4 types of writers: professional, aspirational, recreational, advocatory

you are.

Making that decision can be tricky, though. I’m always careful about the rights…what I don’t want is to end up with some kind of legal or financial blowback from something I wrote.

I’ve been enjoying participating in the Very Short Story (#VSS365) prompt:

Bufo’s #VSS365 posts on Twitter

Every day, a prompt word is given. Then, participants write a tweet incorporating that word. It could be a story or a poem. For me, it’s often conversation which could be part of a story, although I have also posted quotations (using my own hashtag of #vsq, for Very Short Quote).

I’ve even written what has turned out to be an ongoing series about people living on Mars. One of them, Ono (short names are better for tweets…they take fewer character) has had a fixation on seeing green plants. It’s not uncommon: they call it Petrichor Fever (petrichor, the smell produced by soil after a rain, was one of the prompt words). Ono takes a rover and goes in search of the mythical Verdant Zone. Two characters go in pursuit on Woola, a rideable vehicle. I was surprised to find myself getting emotionally involved in a story written in…three tweets! So far, that is: I may add to it today.

If I do, I expect it will be part of something new starting today.

It’s the #VSS365 Anthology.

When I heard about it, I was intrigued. The brief suggestion was that they were looking at eventually publishing an anthology of #VSS365 tweets.

However, I was also cautious. I asked if there was a Terms and Conditions post, somewhere I could read see what sort of rights I might be surrendering, what the compensation was, and so on.

Well, I was very pleased when


directed me to the site of

@Making_Fiction (Mark A. King)

which set it out in exactly the kind of precision I would want.

The information is here:

Here are the key points for me:

  • The author retains the rights to the work (outside of it being published in the anthology). So, if I ever want to turn Petrichor Fever into a novel, I don’t have to negotiate with them…or even if I just want to publish my tweets here
  • The author is not compensated. I actually prefer that in a case like this. I dropped out of another one earlier this year when a cash prize was being discussed (but also, significantly, because it seemed like it would take a lot of work outside of the writing…lots of commentary). I said that I would prefer not having the cash prize because I didn’t want to deal with it on my taxes if I won…people seemed to find that a…spurious concern
  • Any profits will be donated to a charity, specifically The Book Bus, a non-profit children’s reading charity

There’s a whole more to it than that (I do like how they are choosing the works for inclusion), and I’d recommend you read it before you participate.

That said, if you’ve been looking for a place to share a little writing, this seems like a great opportunity! To participate today, you tweet a single piece which includes the word #ancient. Your tweet also must include #vss365a (the “a” tells them that you would like it considered for the anthology…it’s possible I’ll do both kinds today, one with the “a” and one without, perhaps).

Update: I’ve put Petrichor Fever on a blog page to make it easier to read:

Petrichor Fever: a story in tweets

If you do participate, I’d love to hear about it! I’d like to read your work.

Feel free to let me and my readers know what you think (in particular, let us know if you see #vss365a tweets you like) by commenting on this post.

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    Awesome. Thanks for the info.

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