#WDYTWed: last week’s results & alphabetical author bingo

#WDYTWed: last week’s results & alphabetical author bingo

In the more than ten years that I’ve been writing this blog (the first post was August 28, 2009), one of my favorite things has been interacting with the readers.

That used to happen a lot more. When I started out, I averaged 1,000 new words a day, but in more recent times, I just haven’t been able to do that. I’ve been trying to write more narratives again, but without that, the blog doesn’t tend to provoke many comments…and I miss that. I think my long time readers do, too.

One of those long time readers and amongst my most frequent commenters is Lady Galaxy, who suggested that I write something once a week with the intent of increasing interaction.

It’s a good idea. 🙂

I think the best way to do that is to do one or more polls (which I’ve done throughout the past decade).

I’ve decided to name this series #WDYTWed. WDYT is an internet abbreviation for “What Do You Think?”, and I’m going to do them on Wednesdays. Hopefully, just about every Wednesday…although I missed some recently due (at least in part) to the holidays

I haven’t been talking about the results much, but last week’s really interested me!

Compare the number of p-books in your home now to ten years ago…

  • I have fewer p-books now than ten years ago 75%
  • I have more p-books now than ten years ago 10.71%
  • It’s about the same 10.71%
  • Other: 3.57%
  • I don’t know 0%

For format, I commonly read

  • Just e-books 61.54%
  • Both 23.08%
  • Other: 15.38%
  • Just p-books 0%
  • I don’t read 0%
  • I read some other way (audiobooks, for example) 0%

I also did one on how old the oldest p-book in your home was…and 22.22% said they had one more than 100 years old!

So, what intrigued me? These results are what people might have predicted for e-books…oh, maybe 5 years ago. Massive reductions in the number of p-books in the home, and more than half of respondents reading just e-books (and nearly 85% reading some e-books). Of course, my sample will be skewed, but still…maybe e-books have been quietly gaining more market share.

So, this week…

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All aboard The Measured Circle’s Geek Time Trip at The History Project!

Bufo’s Alexa Skills

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