Poll: would you be interested in a Bufo’s Book Club at Amazon?

Poll: would you be interested in a Bufo’s Book Club at Amazon?

I recently wrote about Amazon Book Clubs, and it got me wondering…

It’s intriguing to me to start one, although I really already have a lot on my creative plate. I’ve also never been part of a traditional book club, and this wouldn’t be traditional. I thought I’d poll you, my readers, to see what the interest level is. If people aren’t really interested, that’s fine.

First, I’m curious as to what your expectations of an online book club are. I picture a traditional one as somebody picks a book, everybody in the club reads the book by a certain deadline, then they get together at a house and discuss the book over tea and crumpets or something. 😉 I know some books have questions in the back to prompt book club discussions.

Obviously, that’s different online.

In fact, I picture this as very different.

I’d pick a book I’d finished reading (most likely recently). I’d be open to suggestions, of course! Amazon is set up for that.

Some people would choose to read it seeing it listed at the club, or might have already read it.

There would be asynchronous discussion, like a message board. No getting together for a live discussion. Somebody might even add a comment to a book that had been listed years earlier (eventually).

I’d comment on every book, of course, but might not respond to specific comments by others.

Does that sound interesting?

What kind of books?

I read mostly nonfiction. I’d say it’s a bit eclectic: pop culture, language, NHAs (non-human animals), human behavior, tech… That’s why this would just be “Bufo’s Book Club”, rather than suggesting it covers a particular topic.

I’m honestly ambivalent on it. I spend hours a day on creative things now and I don’t want to add a lot to that. On the other hand, I think what I read would interest other people, and could quite likely be something they wouldn’t discover easily other ways.

If there isn’t a lot of interest in it, I’ll just drop it, no problem.

I haven’t used this type of poll before: hope it works!

If there isn’t enough interest, maybe I’ll find another way to do it.

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One Response to “Poll: would you be interested in a Bufo’s Book Club at Amazon?”

  1. Shari Says:

    Yes I would join your book club if you started one. Always looking for something different to read.

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