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It’s a numbers game

September 8, 2011

It’s a numbers game

No, seriously….this post is a game…the answers are numbers. Drat! I’ll bet you thought I was going to get all strategicy and stuff. Darn idioms… 😉

I had fun when I did an earlier game with Kindle facts, Never/Used to Be/Now/Always/Announced/Rumored. The response was good, so I thought I’d try another one.

I’m not going to try to trick you with these questions, and we may disagree about some of the answers (that’s always okay with me).  If you want to match me, go with the generally correct answer, not the technically correct answer (if they conflict). If something hasn’t been limited, I’m going to say it’s infinite, for example, even though that’s technically not true, of course. If something is true when you do something illegal or against the Terms of Service, you’ll match me more if you don’t count it.

These will also generally be based on the USA Kindle store.

One other thing: I’m going to say “full months” or “full years”. This is September 7: if something happened September 5 of last year, there have been eleven full months and there hasn’t been a full year yet. It would be closer to being one year, but it hasn’t been a full year.

The goal is mostly to have fun, but it also may be a bit educational. I’ll also find it interesting to see how many people give which answers.

This next question only applies to Kindle store books where lending is enabled. Note that this is lending to people not on your account.

This last one is really for fun, and I was asked recently to confirm a number in the Amazon Kindle community. I am only counting Kindles I got for my own use…not one I got for my Significant Other.

There we go! I’ll give people a couple of days to answer these, and then I’ll give you my answers.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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