If a blog has stopped delivering to your Kindle (“blogjams”)

Have you subscribed to a blog through the Kindle store, gotten it successfully, and then it just stopped delivering?

You are experiencing what I call a “blogjam”.  I’ve been noticing a lot more of these since the 2.3 update (not that it’s clear that is the cause).  The blog has been going out regularly, but you haven’t been getting it. 

Here are the steps to fix it:

1. Start the browser on the Kindle (Home-Menu-Experimental-Basic Web is fine)
2. Menu-Settings…clear your cookies and your cache
3. Home-Menu-Settings-Menu-Restart

That should do it. 

You then may want to try Menu-Sync & Check for Items.  It may take until the next blog update goes out, so give it a day.

This all assumes you have Whispernet (the Kindle’s wireless internet connection) on at some point each day…that’s how it gets updated.

Thanks for being worried about it! 🙂 It’s been happening with lots of different blogs through the Kindle store, not just mine.

Bufo Calvin
Amazon Author Central page:
https://ilmk.wordpress.com (I Love My Kindle)
http://sherlockblog.wordpress.com (221B Blog Street)


7 Responses to “If a blog has stopped delivering to your Kindle (“blogjams”)”

  1. Carmen Merriam Says:

    I don’t know if this has worked yet, will see with the next post.
    I thought I would just subscribe to you blog until I got up and going with my Kindle but have since come to look forward to your post as much if not more than any others I get. Thanks!

  2. patty valldeperas Says:

    hello…i love your blog it has tons of information, but have also noticed that they dont get updated everyday like it used to, i have called amazon………they have helped..not as much as u have…will it hurt the kindle to keep restarting when in need? hope to hear from you …. 🙂 patty v.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, patty!

      Did you follow the instructions on the “blogjams” page? In particular, did you clear the cache and history? Are you still finding that you need to restart frequently?

      Has your Kindle updated to 2.5 yet? Sometimes a software update can fix problems, in addition to adding new features.

      You can check:


      then look in your bottom right for the software version number.

  3. Phaneuf Says:

    Thanks for your blog and this information. I just followed all of these steps and it worked like a charm!

  4. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I had a really strange blog jam last night that jammed all my blogs. I subscribe to 5 blogs including this one and AP US News. Last night, updates for US News, NYTimes, and TV Guide downloaded. When I tried to open TV Guide, it contained a blank page with AP US News at the top. I thought maybe I’d accidentally clicked the wrong blog, but I tried again, got the same result. Tried NY times, got the same result, tried AP US News and got the same result. I even tried opening ILMK (which hadn’t updated) and it, too was blank with the AP US News at the top. I forgot about the empty cache and cookies trick mentioned here, so I I used the click and hold for 20 seconds reset trick, and that worked. I know it’s no use to write to Amazon when blogs go wonky because they seem to not have a clue about any of their blogs and their standard answer is always to contact the folks in charge of the blog. (Last time I tried to contact TV Guide about problems with their blog, I got sent to a company I’d never heard of that then claimed to never have heard of a TV Guide Kindle blog, but I digress.) Anyway, have you ever had a download of one blog cause all your other blogs to go blank except for the name of the other blog?

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