Interesting and Useful Amazon Links

Amazon makes a lot of information available online. However, it isn’t always in an obvious place, especially when you are in a hurry. I’ll update this post from time to time, but I thought it was good to get this in one place. If it says “login required”, it’s a “personal” part of Amazon.  If you are already logged into Amazon, it may not ask you.  (login required)

This is the location to see the notes you’ve made in your Kindle books online. You can get to your Reading List, Manage Your Kindle, and Kindle Support.

Manage Your Kindle  (login required)

Register, change your authorized e-mail addresses, send your orders to your computer (or a Kindle)…this is the main Amazon management page.

Kindle Support page
Get to the User’s Guides, search the official help information, and so on.

Kindle customer service q and a 
(a forum where “…Customer Service will make weekly posts that answer the most common customer questions.”)

Amazon Universal Wishlist button
Get the Amazon Universal Wishlist button from Amazon, so you can put Kindle books (and things from non-Amazon websites) on your wishlist.

Search through Listmania!

Those are lists of Amazon products made by customers.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Investor Relations

Where stockholders can go for information (but you do not need to be a stockholder). This has some press releases, and may have an archived webcast.

Amazon’s Kindle Recycling Program

Amazon Author Central (login required)

Where authors can set up a page with a booklist, blog, forum, and more.

Amazon Digital Text Platform (DTP)

Where you go to publish your own works for the Kindle

kindle publishing for blogs (login required…needs a separate account from your Amazon account)

Where you can publish your blogs through the Kindle store

Amazon Associates

Sign-up to get a “referrer fee” when people buy some items from links you create

Amazon media room

Press releases, images and so on.

Using Kindle for iPhone

Using the Kindle app on the iPhone/iPod touch

Jeffrey P. Bezos’ profile

Jeff Bezos’ public profile: see Jeff review milk! Find out who his Amazon friends are!

The Amazon Kindle forum

Kindle owners and interested parties talk about the Kindle

Digital Text Platform forums: this is where independent authors ask and answer questions.

See a Kindle in Your City

See a Kindle in your city: arrange to meet up with owners

Kindle Store

Buy a Kindle, books, accessories, and more.

Amazon Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use

These are the rules you are supposed to follow with your Kindle.

Amazon official statement on number of devices and number of downloads you can have for Kindle books.

Using Kindle (U.S. & International Wireless) if You Live Outside the United States

Traveling with Your Kindle (includes international wireless fees and links to the coverage maps)

Amazon on how to get personal documents on your Kindle, including estimated time and restrictions

Contact Amazon Customer Service: a lot of people like the Call Me feature.

Amazon Easy to Remember Pages

These are ones where Amazon has created an easy address. They may be the same as some of the others in this post, but I thought I’d group them together. (how to transfer files to your Kindle using a cable instead of wirelessly) (about public library lending) (about lending Kindle books to people not on your account)

E-mail addresses: (Digital Text Platform help) (Jeff Bezos)
— — —
I’ll update this from time to time.  Let me know if you have more Amazon links you think I should add! Also, these links aren’t always stable…if you try one and it doesn’t work, I’d appreciate knowing that as well.

This page by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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