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Kindle Oasis is available for preorder for April 27

April 13, 2016

Kindle Oasis is available for preorder for April 27

Update: I posted this earlier today in a somewhat fragmentary manner, due to some technical issues (dead Fire Phone, flat tire in one car, and the other car was already in the shop). I’m going to clean it up, and add a bit more.

First, here is a link to the User’s Guide:

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but that will answer a lot of questions.

Second, I generally would be surprised if this is a big hit and becomes the most popular Kindle EBR (E-Book Reader) model. Amazon doesn’t have a great track record with luxury versions. The Fire Phone was a flop (although I had one for some time), and was introduced at about $200. The original large screen Kindle was never the most popular, although that had some other factors. The Voyage hasn’t been as popular as the Paperwhite.

If you want 3G+Wi-Fi, no ads, and a wall charger (which is not included), it costs just about $400! That’s a lot of money for an EBR…and you can get an entry level Fire each for all nine members of a baseball team for that price! Oh, I’m assuming you can still get the six-pack for $250 when I say that.

I’m sure some people will buy it and be happy with it…but I don’t see revolutionary features.

Sorry this will not be a very fancy post at this point. I am sitting in my car with a flat tire. 🙂 My Fire Phone also died yesterday, so that is complicating things.

I wanted you to know though that the Kindle oasis has been released for pre-order today. Here is the press release

It does appear to be what was leaked yesterday. If the only choice is to get it with a leather cover, I will not be getting it.


I did get a response from Kindle customer service quite quickly, which I appreciate. Due to this situation, I will not be ordering the Kindle Oasis. I have informed Amazon of that fact.

Thank you for you interest in purchasing a Kindle Oasis.
I’ve researched and see the Kindle Oasis device comes with leather cover. I’d like to inform you that we have included leather charging cover to boosts battery to last months. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship Kindle Oasis device without the leather cover.
As you don’t use animal leather, I’d suggest you to order the Kindle Oasis device and remove the leather cover once you receive the device.

Please visit the below link to order Kindle Oasis:

I’ve checked and see at this time, the option to purchase Kindle Oasis without leather cover isn’t currently available. Although this option isn’t available, I’m forwarding your comments as a feedback to our Kindle team who’ll review your comments very carefully as we continue to plan further improvements to your Kindle experience.
I’ve let the Kindle team know that you don’t use animal leather and always prefer to order Kindle device without leather cover. I have requested the Kindle team to offer this Kindle device without leather cover. They are looking for ways to improve our service and maybe able to introduce this feature soon in future.

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