You can be part of my new book, “Because of the Kindle”

You can be part of my new book, “Because of the Kindle”

I’ve been mentioning that I’m working on something to mark the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the Kindle (on November 19th).

I’m going to do a ninety-nine cent (that’s the current plan) “book” called, “Because of the Kindle”.

My plan isn’t to write a hundred pages of new material. I’ll summarize each of the years, with the main events and probably what some of the discussions were.

I’ll reproduce some of the articles from this blog.

However, I’m most interested in what the impact of the Kindle has been. There was a lot of speculation at the time…how much of that has come true, and what was unexpected?

As always, I don’t think I have the only valid perspective, or the only interesting one. 🙂 I want to hear from you, and, if you want, include what you say in the book. That will be up to you, though, and you’d retain the rights to publish what you said elsewhere without asking my permission first.

You can contribute by commenting on this ILMK page:

Because of the Kindle

That has more of the logistics. The main things are that, if I want to use what you say in the book, I’ll contact you using the e-mail address that shows to me (not to my readers) when you post and ask permission. There won’t be any financial compensation…that really complicates things, and I don’t expect to make much on this book, anyway. 🙂 My plan is to use 20% of any royalties I get on this to do giveaways on ILMK. I really enjoy doing that, but we are having a financial change in the family so I’ve been limiting that a bit.

The idea is that you’ll complete the thought, “Because of the Kindle…” What changes have happened? That could be for you personally (Do you read more? Do you read less? Do you read different things?), for publishing, for bookstores, for Amazon, for society generally…

Why ask “regular readers”, not celebrities and pundits? Well, I’d love to have the “experts”‘s perspectives also, but I care about what you think, and I believe other people will, too. I’m sure Amazon will do something themselves (they haven’t asked me for anything, but I’ve heard rumors about them asking other people). I think they’ll introduce some new hardware: it might be that they do a special 10th anniversary Kindle EBR (EBR)…water-resistant would be nice, but there may be more than that. I suppose they could follow some other companies and release a mini version of the original…just kidding. 😉  This might also be time for another revolution, such as Amazon auggies (augmented/virtual reality hardware).

Oh, what more thing: I’m using a hashtag I’ve created, #BecauseOfTheKindle. If people tweet interesting things with that, I may not be able to get them into the book, just because of how that will complicate getting permission…but I’m more about the conversation than the book (although I would, of course, like the book to be good and do well).

So…what do you think? 🙂

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16 Responses to “You can be part of my new book, “Because of the Kindle””

  1. Phink Says:

    You may use anything I type here in anyway you wish. Also, this may be too long so edit, omit, rearrange words, however you wish.

    Because of the Kindle I have read so much more than I otherwise would have. I discovered a love for reading in 1992 at 27 years old. Before that I was not a reader at all. NPR was responsible for me discovering a love for reading when I accidentally turned over and heard them reading a book that sounded wonderful. I fell in love with reading after buying that book and reading it.

    Somehow and for some reason I fell out of reading a decade or so later but when I went to Amazon one day in early 2009 and saw this thing called a Kindle for sale I just had to have it. I bought it and rediscovered a love for reading that still exist to this day.

    The Kindle has also broadened my reading. If I still had to go to the bookstore and buy physical books I doubt I would have ever read Jules Verne, H. G. Wells or perhaps not even Mark Twain. Because these books are free or next to free made them easily accessible. I am not one to visit the library for a few reasons so if I didn’t buy it I didn’t read it. Those are some wonderful books I might not have ever read in a non Kindle world.

    The Kindle, as much as literature itself made my life so much better in too many ways to mention here such as adding to my vocabulary.
    Before the Kindle, actually getting out the dictionary was just too much trouble but now I can easily learn definitions to words I don’t know. The Kindle has greatly improved my life entertaining me and educating me at the same time.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Phink!

      I love your story and thanks for sharing it!

      I didn’t make it clear in the post or on the page, I think, but feel free to make more than one comment for Because of the Kindle!

  2. Crystal Says:

    Because of the Kindle… I’ve become a much more catholic reader, no longer headed to just one section of books in the store or library. I carry the world of books in my handbag, and I’m never without something to read. I spend more time talking about books, suggesting books… and more money buying books…but a lot less time tripping over piles of physical books at my house!

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Crystal!

      I really appreciate you commenting! Feel free to add another one. 🙂

      I also understand the piles of physical books. 😉 When my Significant Other first saw my bedroom, I had a path to within about a meter (three feet) of the bed…and I’d jump from there. You’d be passing through piles of books…oh, a few other things, but mostly books. 🙂

  3. Karin Says:

    Because of the Kindle, I have been able to read faster, hence finishing more books each year. I have been able to donate hundreds of books to charity, because I have been able to replace many of them with digital copies, often for free.
    Because of the Kindle, I have found the complete works of authors that I didn’t know existed, for example: I didn’t know that Arthur Conan Doyle wrote books on Napoleon or the Boer War.
    Because of the Kindle, I am able to share all of the materials on my Kindle account by adding my friends and family to my account, without worrying if they will return the book or what condition the book will be in.
    Because of the Kindle I have read more widely. I can find books I am interested in more easily, by reading reviews and the multiple ways Amazon lets you find recommendations.
    Because of the Kindle, I can carry an entire library of books with me on a trip, without worrying if they fit in the suitcase.
    Because of the Kindle, I can look up a word with just a tap with the on device dictionary.
    Because of the Kindle, I don’t need bookmarks anymore.
    Because of the Kindle I can highlight a passage and make notes easily, then save them to my computer for later use (complete with the bibliographic information).

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Karin!

      These are great! I agree with many of them, and at least some, I had planned to put on the page myself. 🙂

  4. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I know I’ve written before about how the Kindle restored my ability to read books before, but I’d like to write it up in a more thoughtful post. For format purposes, does the comment need to start with “Because of the Kindle,” or can it end with, “And all because of the Kindle”?

  5. D. Knight Says:

    Because of the Kindle… I can read comfortably. I’ve always loved reading, but now that I’m older, reading a book-made-of-paper can be discouragingly uncomfortable.

    I’ve been nearsighted most of my life, and now I can’t easily focus up close. (Let’s ignore, for now, the cataracts that are starting to form.) Also, my hands hurt. Since childhood I’ve held a book in my left hand using my thumb to hold paperback books open, and it is exactly that thumb joint that is developing arthritis. But muscle memory is strong, and it just doesn’t “feel” right to hold a book any other way.

    Enter the Kindle. Just when I didn’t want to read as much because it hurt, a device comes along that makes it comfortable to read. So now I can hold the “book” in my left hand if I want to or prop it up without worrying about flopping pages. I can set the type to the size that works for me, and minutely adjust the lighting to the perfect level.

    It wasn’t until after I got my first Kindle that I realized how much you arrange yourself around a book in order to read it, even if it is a normal sized paperback but especially if it is a large hardback. Now I can sit in whatever position is comfortable, and switch positions when I need to, and just place the Kindle where I can see and read it easily.

  6. D. Knight Says:

    This comment is intended to make a suggestion to you. I think it would be fun for you to mention in the book the story of you writing this blog. Since I got my Kindle in 2010 I missed the very first years of the Kindle community, but I did catch some of the very helpful nature of strangers helping other strangers with a new technology. I’d like to read your take on some of the early excitement of the first two generations of Kindles.

    Also, some of the nook vs Kindle rivalry.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, D. Knight!

      Good suggestions! I am planning to do some of that sort of retrospection.

  7. D. Knight Says:

    First, I give you blanket approval to use anything I have posted to your blog. If you send me a request and I don’t respond, it would be because I got busy and am ignoring email. That does happen to me quite a bit. So please just send it again, although you really don’t need to send anything as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve read through the “Because of the Kindle” that are now visible, and mostly I want to say: yes, me too. The Kindle is such a big part of my life now that it’s hard for me to remember BK (before Kindle). So I’m going to try to remember my first Kindle (what is now called the Kindle Keyboard).

    I’ve been a reader (bookworm) all my life, but the first e-Readers didn’t interest me at all until I was in a Barnes and Noble waiting to purchase a book and noticed the screen on the nook–I didn’t realize that the screen was designed to imitate paper until then. That got me interested, but I was still skeptical. It was a lot of money for a device, and you still had to buy the books–it would probably be too much money wasted. I kept thinking about it, though, and eventually decided I’d probably get one. But I couldn’t really decide between the nook and the Kindle. I read a lot of reviews and articles, and kept going back and forth: should I get one? If so, which–Kindle or nook?

    Then I opened up Amazon’s page one day–they had just announced a new Kindle (later know as the Keyboard) at a significantly lower price. That meant they were serious about this product and wanted people on board. And I could justify the price of the device itself because it cost about the same as the new bookshelf I’d have to buy if I didn’t switch to digital.

    Still it took me a couple of weeks to be sure. The clincher came when I was trying to get a hold of some books by an early 20th century author that had very limited availability in print (the Dr. Thorndyke mysteries by R. Austin Freeman). And on Amazon, there were available two volumes, each containing 4 books, in Kindle editions (only) for $0.99 apiece. Well, that was enough to convince me.

    After I decided to order, I felt like a child at Christmas–I could hardly wait the month it took for the device to be released. Then I discovered the “Discussions” link on the Kindle page. And discovered a whole bunch of people who were just as excited as I was for our new — what? Toy? Life changing device? Also a bunch of already happy Kindle owners who made me realize it was probably the latter.

    And here I discovered, after we received our Kindle, ILMK and Bufo Calvin who so patiently helped everyone learn about their new devices.

    • Phink Says:

      In my early days of having a kindle (Feb 2009 and on) I also loved the kindle discussion boards. However, eventually I got tired of the snarky, rude comments. I have not been there in years now. There were some of the rudest people on there. I hope it has changed.

      • D. Knight Says:

        Yes. Same here. This is probably why Amazon has closed/is closing the discussion boards. I now follow only one discussion (on Kindle/Audible deals–the people there are pleasant and the discussion stays on topic), and now the discussion is moving to another non-Amazon forum because it’s being closed on Amazon.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, D. Knight!

        I need to explore the new version of the forum…I was very active on there years ago, but haven’t been doing it for some time (just not enough bandwidth). I’ve heard they are going to restore access to the old posts.

  8. Text-to-speech and Audible but no audio onboard…a deeper look at Amazon’s 10th anniversary Kindle | I Love My Kindle Says:

    […] You can be part of my new book, “Because of the Kindle” […]

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