Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017: resend gifts to a different address!

Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017: resend gifts to a different address!

What should hypothetically be one of the most important parts of our Kindle experiences is

MYCD (Manage Your Content and Devices), formerly MYK (Manage Your Kindle) (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

That is the centralized place to manage what is happening on your account. Since that’s where our Amazon Kindle purchases live, you would think people would be in there every week. After all, do you spend more time in your house or in your car?

Actually, that may be an apt parallel: I would say most people care more about, and have a more intimate relationship with, their cars than their homes. Not true for everybody, of course, but cars are what we use, and that’s true of our devices versus MYCD, too. It’s also possible that the relatively short lifespan of a car/device versus the home/account makes us care about them more.

That said, I would think that someone like me, who loves to alphabetize** and play with databases, would be constantly checking in on MYCD to see what’s new.

That’s just not the case. For so long, we had relatively little we could do there that, well, I think I just got out of the habit. I have to have some conscious prompt to go look, typically, and this time, in came in the form of a private e-mail.

The suggestion was that there were new features. The first thing I did was check the

Manage Your Kindle category at ILMK

and it’s actually only been since October that I last wrote about it.

By the way, another part of that discussion was you would think that Amazon would alert us in some way if there were improvements, and tell us what they were and how to use them.

That’s definitely something I would change about how most cutting edge technology companies do things. They’ll work really hard on creating a new feature…and then not spend any time creating real instructions for it. 🙂

I see that all the time in VAMM (Virtual/Augmented/Mixed/Merged) Reality space. Hulu, Netflix, Oculus…they’ve all had interesting experiences for me there, but they were really trial and error for me to figure out how to use them.

I know writing user-friendly instructions takes a bit of work…maybe they could crowd source that?


On the content page, these are the choices in the first “Show” dropdown:

  • Books (books you buy from the Kindle store)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • Audiobooks
  • Music (with a jump link)
  • Apps
  • Instant Video
  • Docs (personal documents you’ve uploaded, which could include books from non-Amazon sites, like Project Gutenberg)
  • Active Content (apps and games for non-Fire Kindles)
  • Dictionaries & User Guides
  • — (dividing line)
  • Collections
  • Kindle Unlimited (you might not have that if you aren’t a member)
  • Prime Reading
  • Gifts
  • Pending Deliveries

The last time I listed that was about two years ago, and the sub-dividing part is pretty different.

The second dropdown, which starts as “All”, has

  • All
  • Purchases
  • Samples
  • Rentals
  • Loans
  • Borrows

It was a big deal when we got “Samples” management, but that’s not new. It used to be that when you downloaded a sample, there was no record for you of that, which made things confusing at times…especially if you were only part way through a sample. If you sample a giant omnibus edition, it’s possible the sample contains an entire book (or more), so not being able to move it from one device to another was an issue. Another thing is that some people use samples as a “to buy” list…and if your device died, you lost that record before it was added to MYCD.

Clicking the ellipsis (…) to the left of a book title gave me information about the book and my purchase of it, and then these choices:

  • Deliver to Default Device (or) Others (the latter did let me select multiple devices to which to download it at once)
  • Delete
  • Download & transfer via USB (that’s how you get books when you don’t have a wireless connection)
  • Clear furthest page read
  • Read Now
  • Manage Family Library
  • Add to Collections

At the end of the book’s record, it had a column for Collections…it showed me a linked number and a dropdown (down caret). If the book was in zero Collections, it offered a link for me to add it to one. If the book was in one or more Collections, there was a link where I could go right to the Collection to manage it.

I was hoping something would tell me to which devices the book had been downloaded…people really want that. I understand that it would be difficult for it to tell you if a book is actually on a device, since someone could delete a book from a device without having the wireless on, and your MYCD would have no way of knowing that.

There was a banner at the top of the page:

“Have you sent digital gifts to your friends and loved ones? Now you can view and manage them from Manage your content and devices page. ”

That’s a different banner from last time (which talked about Cloud management of Collections).

Switching to Gifts, that did look new!

The second dropdown now gave me a choice between pending gifts and redeemed gifts. The pending gifts showed a delivery date.At first, I thought I had many more that were pending than have been redeemed, but it just took a while for the redeemed ones to all populate. I download every Kindle gift book I’m given, and generally love reading those! I really appreciate them from my family.

Gifts of

Kindle Unlimited (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*),

show, but not

My Amazon Giveaways

which is good. I don’t get any information about people who enter to win through my Giveaways, except the name they chose to enter, and that’s only if they win. I debated about sharing that, and went with first names only…I do think it makes it seem more real to people to show a winner, but I want to protect your privacy. In one case, the name was two people, which I thought was too revealing, so I just used initials.

The ellipsis on a pending book gift has a great new choice: you can send it to a different e-mail address! You can also resend it to the same one, but this is a significant improvement. I gifted a couple of my books to Jeff Bezos more than five years ago…it’s possible the Amazon CEO (Chief Executive Officer) just hasn’t gotten around to them yet 😉 but I could give up and gift them to someone different.

There are also ones I sent to myself, and then printed out and gave to people to redeem. Knowing that they haven’t been redeemed is useful…I could resend them to their own e-mail addresses, in case they lost them, or assume they aren’t really wanting to redeem them…which might make me rethink my gifting. 🙂

For redeemed books, you obviously don’t get those resend choices.

It’s exciting to find this new capability! This post is long enough for now, but double-check the Collections management and look at the other tabs in the next week or so, and let you know if there is anything new and interesting there.

Thanks to my reader, Edward Boyhan, and blogger Andrys Basten of A Kindle World for the discussion (I’ll look more at your specifics).

Questions? Thoughts? Feel free to let me and my readers know by commenting on this post.


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* I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile. When you shop at AmazonSmile, half a percent of your purchase price on eligible items goes to a non-profit you choose. It will feel just like shopping at Amazon: you’ll be using your same account. The one thing for you that is different is that you pick a non-profit the first time you go (which you can change whenever you want)…and the good feeling you’ll get. :) Shop ’til you help! :) 

** Me and alphabetizing and databases…I had once been in a videostore (remember those?) for anout an hour when an employee tentatively approached me and asked me what I was doing. “I’m alphabetizing the movies.” Employee: “They are already alphabetized.” Me: “Well, the ‘As’ are in the As and the ‘Bs’ are in the Bs, but they aren’t alphabetical within the letter.” The employee walked away slowly. 🙂 Another time, I was teaching a database class and said something like, “Remember those little plastic file boxes you played with as a kid? You’d have 3×5 cards, and write things on them and sort them into categories?” Needless to say, crickets. 😉 I guess I was the only person in the room who had fun doing that as a child…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. To support this or other blogs/organizations, buy  Amazon Gift Cards from a link on the site, then use those to buy your items. There will be no cost to you, and a benefit to them.



28 Responses to “Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017: resend gifts to a different address!”

  1. ngpreffitt Says:

    I’m a winner of our sister’s book and want to thank you. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Looks interesting. Will post a review when I’m finished. Thanks again.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, ngprefitt!

      Congratulations! Kris will appreciate you posting an honest review! That really helps non-Big 5 authors especially. 🙂

  2. Tom Semple Says:

    You can go to Your Devices, click the Actions button for one of them and choose ‘View device content’ to see a list of the purchased content on that device (as of the last device sync). It seems to take a minute or so for device sync to propagate to MYCD, and at least on my Fire HD7 (2014) it fails to update even after sync.
    It would be nice if you could see list of devices with a particular title, or to queue a request to remove a title from all devices, or from a particular device (to reset device download limits). Clearly this capability exists for Borrowed titles (KU or Overdrive) when you Return.

    • Tom Semple Says:

      Hmm. My Fire HD7 (3rd gen) eventually updated content on MYCD, but it still shows a Sample that is not on the device.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom!

      I’ll definitely take a look at it!

      The motivation for them to pull back a borrowed book as opposed to helping you manage the content you’ve already purchased is quite different. With a loan, Amazon could jeopardize the licensing if they couldn’t do a decent job of keeping people from exceeding the publisher’s license. For your stuff, it’s cool if they help you…but I don’t think it will change many people’s buying habits.

  3. Edward Boyhan Says:

    The most interesting new part of MYCD (from my perspective) is on the your devices tab. It lists just about everything: kindles, Fires, Echo’s, reading apps (including those on phones).
    If you click on device’s ellipsis (for devices that can contain content), you will see an item called “view device content”. Click on that, and you are switched back to the Your Content tab; only now “show” displays “device content” (which is not a show selection visible normally), and you will see all the content that Amazon thinks is on that device.
    You can then select one or many of the items on that device, and deliver them to the default device, or any other content holding device from the “your devices” list– including not just H/W, but reading app S/W. It’s important to note that the “deliver” semantic means “copy” not “move”. If you want to move an item, you must do it one by one: first copying it to the new device, and then removing it from the old device. The only way I know to remove an item from a device is from on the device itself. This is unfortunate — as the ability to “move” a bunch of items from one device to another (as when you get a new kindle or fire) would be very useful.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      I was writing my version of this, but you raise an interesting point. Personally, moving is not a big thing for me, because I don’t have that many items actually on my devices. When I get a new device, the Collections feature takes care of getting me back to where I was.

      However, I can see situations where moving would be important.

      If you had a lot of people on your account (and there’s no limit, as long as you aren’t doing it for commercial reasons), then you might want move books to free up the Simultaneous Device License. Also, now that we can tell what is on a device, being able to remove a title remotely might appeal to the Managers, particularly from kids’ devices, I would guess.

      I think many people might like a device cloning feature. You get a new device, and you tell Amazon to clone another device’s contents (and settings, hopefully, but the settings might be less likely to be compatible).

      As long as it had enough memory, and if the content was compatible, that might work very well. It might require leaving your device plugged in and connected to the internet overnight, but it would be convenient.

      • Edward Boyhan Says:

        I actually do use collections to move stuff to new devices (there is absolutely nothing on any of my devices that’s not in a collection unless I’ve made a mistake). But using collections still leaves everything on the old device — I’d like a way to bulk remove stuff from a device. In fact forget new devices — I’d like the ability to remove everything on a device older than say 60 days — doing this one by one is just too time consuming.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Edward!

        I can do things older than thirty days on my now discontinued Kindle Fire HDX7 tablet, and I believe it’s available on later generations (just haven’t gone to check). On my KFHDX7, it’s:

        Swipe Down – Settings – Device Options – Storage – 1-Tap Archive, and then I can deselect what I don’t want to back up. I can also deselect all, and the select just the ones I do want to back up…and books are listed, along with other things. It also does do Backup automatically (unless I turn that off), and I can Restore that to a new device.

      • Edward Boyhan Says:

        I wasn’t really talking about Fires (I have 3), but I don’t put many books on them — I use my Fires for other things. What I was talking about was removing many of the books on a kindle (not deleting them from the account just removing them from a specific kindle device). I can do that on a kindle one by one, but AFAIK you can not specify a bunch of books to be removed. If in fact there’s a way to do that on a kindle, I’d really like to know :grin.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Edward!

        I’ll double check…you are probably right.

  4. Harold Delk Says:

    Thanks for the update on the updates. Amazon is still missing the major feature that I have been begging for; the ability to download a file of all my books, etc. which I can import into a spreadsheet or database. Such a feature exists for physical purchases and is quite useful. The thing that strikes me as odd is with a purchases data download physical books are on the list, but not electronic (ebooks, apps) items. I have requested this to be implemented for many years (and I recall asking you if it could be done), but nothing has been done. If even they would add the ebooks to the main data dump I would be satisfied since I could extract or sort the data in whatever useful manner I wish. No such feature available in Audible either. I wonder why as it seems quite simple to give us access.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Harold!

      Well, I suspect it’s more motivation that technology. I’m honestly sure not how many people would want that any more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting it, but it would take some work…and I suspect that for Amazon, making their data about digital content easily exportable, even if it’s just for one person (hypothetically) may seem a bit…iffy. I’d like you to be able to have it, but they may be a bit busy making digital fashion consultants. 😉

  5. Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017 part 2: see what books are on your devices | I Love My Kindle Says:

    […] Fun and information about the Kindle and the world of e-books « Checking in on MYCD (formerly MYK) April 2017: resend gifts to a different address! […]

  6. Roger Knights Says:

    Here’s a response I received from Amazon to a suggestion that it allow me to add Docs to Collections on its website:

    “Thank you for your valuable suggestion about including personal documents in cloud collections. I’d like to inform that currently personal documents on the device can be sorted into collections, however such feature is not available in Manage Your Content and Devices page.”

    I replied:

    [This ability on the Manage page] IS needed, because adding Docs to collections on the Kindle is impossibly slow and tedious when hundreds of them need to be “collected” [I have 1700]–especially because there is no way on the Kindle to do a “block” addition-to-a-collection. OTOH, on your website, when dealing with books, “block” operations are possible (on all items that have been checked in the Select box). I’d love to see that ability added to Docs too.

    Bufo: Is there any way I make Amazon “deliver” a Document (or book) to my PC (Mac, actually)? I.e., can I make my PC a “device” somehow?

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Roger!

      So, tell me a little bit more: what kind of Kindle are you using? Typically, there is a way to select a bunch of items to add to a Collection, but I’d want to check the specifics.

      I think you are also definitely an outlier with that many docs!

      From MYCD, I know that if I try to send a doc, it won’t let me select my computer apps. Have you tried downloading to a Kindle and then transferring via USB? These docs don’t have DRM (Digital Rights Management), right?

      • Roger Knights Says:

        I have a Kindle Fire HD7, 4th edition.
        It’s possible to select multiple books and perform an action on all of them. But one can’t do so with Docs.
        I wasn’t aware of Pocket (and Evernote) until recently. So for many years I saved interesting web articles by using an app on my Mac called “Save to E-Reader” that stored them on my Kindle. (Initially on my KBD3, which has gone bad–but Amazon kept copies on its site as backups.) That’s how I got so many Docs. (But there are less than 200 on my Fire.) None of them have DRM on them.
        Thanks for telling me about the download-and-then-USB-transfer method. I think I’ll call Amazon first and ask if I can avoid it and capture the docs to my PC from its site.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Roger!

        You are right, I was thinking of books on the device, unfortunately.

        On my Voyage, I can add multiple docs at once to a Collection (whether they are in the Cloud or on my device). I start in the Collection, go the Menu, and do Add/Remove. I’m filtered for Docs to make it work.

        It’s a similar process on my Kindle Fire HDX7. If I start in Docs, I tap the Menu and choose Collections. Then, I tap the Collection. When I’m in the Collection, I tap the plus sign.

        That’s allows me to add them in a block.

        I’m guessing that’s not all you want to do, though. 🙂 Tell me what you want to do that you are unable to do.

      • Roger Knights Says:

        PS: When I said one can’t do a block action on Docs, I meant specifically adding them to a collection. Perhaps other block actions are OK–I forget.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Roger!

        That’s the one thing I’ve tested and do seem to be able to do. 🙂

      • Edward Boyhan Says:

        I generally receive some magazines, and occasional textbooks as PDF’s in email attachments which can be downloaded onto a pc. I then can use an Amazon-provided app: “Send to Kindle” to deliver the PDF to one of my kindle or Fire devices (you choose from a pull down list) — they appear on the device as “docs”

        That app has a maximum of 50MB. Some textbooks can be hundreds of MB. Docs are stored on your Amazon Cloud Drive every (account has one). There is a folder there named: “My Send-t-Kindle Docs”. This where the send to kindle app places docs. There is also a folder called “Documents”.

        When you look for docs on your device, it references these folders. Docs can be either on your device or on ACD or both. You can make any file (of compatible format) appear as a “doc” on your device (“downloaded”) or as “all” (if it’s also on ACD). The “all” stuff is on ACD in the two folders I mentioned.

        If you want a doc that is on a fire or kindle to be placed on your PC, you can log on to the Amazon Cloud Drive web site; go to the folders I mentioned (which should contain copies of what’s on your Fire or Kindle device). From the ACD website it is possible to download onto your PC any file that is there (even files like photos or music that are not on your FIRE or Kindle device)

        I hope this helps — it’s a bit convoluted, and ACD uploads/downloads are not particularly fast, but you should be able to move anything you want from device to pc and back through the intermediary of ACD. Or of course you could use a USB cable and connect your kindle or fire to your PC directly . The device will appear to the pc as a portable disk drive, and you can spelunk the folder hierarchy on your kindle or fire to your hearts content. Just be careful: damaging some folders could make your device unusable.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Edward!

        Thanks for posting that!

  7. Roger Knights Says:

    Here are some suggestions I sent to Amazon re its MYKD page six months ago:

    After I click on a zero (0) in the Collections column, please don’t display that list of collections unless it is complete. It is a lot of wasted work for me to look for a collection that I know I have somewhere, but not be able to find it. I can wait an extra second or two for the full list.

    When I click the “Add to Collection” option in the Action column, the dialog box should display the Collections the book already belongs to (so I don’t try to add it a second time). (As long as only one book has been “selected.”)

    When the Add to Collection dialog box appears, show it with a cursor already active in the Search box. That’s where it will be wanted 80% of the time. It’s a pain to have to click inside the box before typing.

    Please display all the Collections that contain a search key prefix or keyword, not just a few of them. E.g., I have at least 15 items beginning with “Politics,” but you display only five of them when I type in “pol” or “politics”; the vertical slider will not bring up more.

    Perhaps allow the user to be shown a list of all his books that are in no collections, to ease his task of locating them. (E.g., I have over 1000 books, of which I forgot to assign maybe 50 to collections. It would be easier for me if they could all be temporarily bundled, so I could avoid traversing all 1000 to find them.) This could be done by allowing the user an additional sort option: on the collections column.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Roger!

      I think those are all good suggestions. 🙂

      • Roger Knights Says:

        I’m glad you like them. I doubt that the Doofus in charge of Kindle development will agree. I’ve submitted scores of equally good ideas over the years that haven’t been adopted.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Roger!

        I think it’s often a matter of development resources…an idea being good is just not enough for it to get done. 🙂

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