Petrichor Fever: a story in tweets

Petrichor Fever: a story in tweets

This page is a series of tweets I have written, inspired by writing prompts in the #VSS365 (Very Short Story) exercise. I didn’t originally intend to create a series, but that just seemed to work, and the story I now call Petrichor Fever has been growing. I’ve decided to gather them here, to make it easier to read them in order.

Prompt Word 1: #Petrichor (18 May 2019)

“You wanna hear something funny? Ono just asked me if I could hear the rain.”

“Yeah, he’s new: touch of Fever.”

“What’s that?”

“A mild delusion, kinda like homesickness. It usually goes away in a few weeks.”

“I guess it does take a while to get used to Mars.”

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Prompt Word 2: #Verdant (25 May 2019)

“Ono’s gone. He took the rover.”

“What? Where?”

“TARS says he said the Zone.”

“Worst case of Fever I’ve seen. Tell TARS to put the base in stasis. Boot up Woola. We’re riding to the pole.”

“That’s a megameter! What’s he expect to find?”


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Prompt Word 3: #Reverie (31 May 2019)

“Woola’s picked up a signal from Ono’s rover!”

“What does he say?”

“All I hear is Tom Jones’ Green Green Grass of Home. He hasn’t responded. Maybe he’s just lost in .”

“Maybe…or maybe he left the vehicle.”

“Why? He’d never last!”

“To go home.”

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#Prompt Word 4: #Ancient (1 June 2019)

“I found Ono’s tracks.”

“You sure?”

“100%. Biped tracks in this wasteland. They went as far as I could see. Nothing else on Mars looks like that. Only…”

“Only what?”

“Well, maybe it was wind erosion, but it looked like…”

“Say it!”

“He was barefoot.”

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Prompt Word 5: #Smoke (8 June 2019)

“Get on now.”


Ono‘s dead. We’re next if TARS is right about the storm and all we have is Woola.”

“Chief! Look! Over that ridge! It’s–”


“It’s grey!”

“Mica dust.”

“Look at it curl!”

“What you are thinking is impossible on Mars!”


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Prompt Word #6: Verdant (repeat) (19 July 2019)

“Welcome to Mars!”
“Thanks! When’s the bus to the #Verdant Zone?”
“Knock it off!”
“It’s a joke.”
“Chief doesn’t allow it. That ‘joke’ killed a guy named Ono.”
“How does a myth kill somebody?”
“By giving them hope…”
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These tweets originally appeared in the Bufo Calvin Twitter feed


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